The legal team representing Attorney General Ken Paxton has asked the Texas Senate to dismiss the impeachment charges for a variety of reasons. As expected, the House impeachment managers object and want senators to kick Paxton out of office.

When the Texas Senate convenes on Sept. 5, should they dismiss the impeachment charges against Attorney General Ken Paxton?

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Here is a sample of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“This has got to stop! Our taxpayer dollars could be much better spent than on this circus show! The true investigation should be into Dade Phelan and his gang of cronies! Our state is being torn apart by all this division that is being put forth by a group who wants power, no matter the cost!” – Deb Hillis

“This Ken Paxton ordeal is testing the character of the Republican Party. If Republicans absolve Paxton by dismissing the charges before trial, it will be a miscarriage of justice, will stain the Republican party’s reputation as the party of law and order and truth and justice, and will expose the reality that the party’s true values are really no different than the democrats: power over principles.” – Mike Murphy

“Maybe we should impeach the impeachers. Might put a stop to the craziness.” – Sandra Grove

“Let the Senate conduct the trial where I think (1) Paxton will be cleared and (2) the unethical action in the House will be exposed.” – Richard Steenson

“This was an illegitimate process by the rogue Dade Phelan, who is the one who should be removed. It was a secretive witch hunt, and needs to be abandoned by the senate.” – Ana Kempfer

“Maybe the Senate will learn from the mistakes of the House. I don’t think any of our State Reps anticipated the backlash caused by their vote to impeach. They probably assumed voters would forget like they always do. But in 14 years, I’ve never seen voters so mad, and they are not forgetting. Senators, take note.” – Julie McCarty

“All counts should be dismissed because three laws were violated by the Texas House in the impeachment – the prior-term doctrine statute and precedent (which I call the voter-sovereignty doctrine), the statutory order of the impeachment proceeding, and the law that all testimony be sworn. The prior-term doctrine has been followed in 3 Senate impeachments and in multiple Texas Supreme Court impeachments and is consistent with the Texas Bill of Rights, which says that ‘all political power is inherent in the people.’” – Tom Glass

“I believe that Paxton is being railroaded just like President Trump!” – Ruth Sherman

“Ken Paxton is a constant threat to the Democrats in Texas who have used liberal legislators, attorneys, and judges in the fight to remove him from office. They have tried and failed to alienate him from the voting public since he was first elected. Texans elected Ken Paxton twice because he fights for the rights of all of us, including children, in his efforts to wipe out child sex trafficking.“ – Chere St. Claire

“Not only should the impeachment end, but every Republican who voted for it should be censured by the State GOP and withhold any contributions to their campaigns. Only RINO’s vote for an improper impeachment process. And we don’t need or want RINO’s.” – Steve Sullivan

“It seems Paxton is being targeted for actually doing what he was elected to do.

“Protect Texans from the overreach of government.” – B.D. Marshall

“Not only should the impeachment against Paxton be dropped, the real investigation should be into Phelan and those who support him. They don’t support their party’s agenda, nor do they care. Wonder why?$?$?$?” – Deborah Wilkey

“Dismiss the charges of impeachment against Ken Paxton, the most conservative AG in the country! This is a waste of taxpayers money. The voters have spoken to have him serve Texas!” – Maggie Wright

“Paxton is the most effective state AG in the history of the United States, which of course, is why Dick Weekly, Karl Rove, Dade Phelan, the Bush family, and the rest who believe the elites, rather than the voters, should decide who represents the citizenry, want to replace Paxton with a puppet.” – Spencer Siino

“The Texas Senate should dismiss the impeachment charges against Attorney General Ken Paxton!” – Dana Krasinksi

“Seem to me the impeachment of AG Paxton is just like all the indictments of President Trump. ‘Sour grapes.’” – Joe Zimmer

“The Senate trial will show Texans whether or not our vote actually matters. If not dismissed immediately after the formalities, it doesn’t.” – Tina Bartley

“The weaponization of politics has become the new fad among democrats and RINOs. Clearly, this action was brought in retaliation for Patrick’s request for an investigation of drunk Phelan. Anyone who cannot see that is blind. Patrick works for Texas. We all need to remember the “dirty dozen” when election times roll around.” – Mary Clark

“If anyone should be impeached, it should be Phelan!” – Frank Strickler

“Ken Paxton should be back in his office and his name cleared. Those who brought the charges should be gone. Nothing about this is right!” – Patricia Vanderveen

“Just another sham perpetrated by a corrupt House. Anything originated by Phelan is immediately identified as anti-Texas and anti-American. The purpose here is the same as the persecution of Trump. The corrupt republicans in the House do not want to see Paxton become the next governor.” – Jack Duk

“Ken Paxton, the only person I have seen here in Texas that actually fights back against the Biden administration and its policies, is being wrongfully accused by the Democrats and RINOs. Gee, it is right before our very own eyes that they need rid of him because they like and want what the Biden admin wants, the destruction of our state, country, and way of life.” – Barbara Campbell

“This impeachment should have never taken place, much less continue. Impeachment has become nothing but political theater far removed from its intended purpose of removing genuine criminals from office.” – Roger Taylor

“The people of TEXAS voted for Ken Paxton. We know this was a political hit job by the Speaker Dade Phelan.” – Leslie Clays

“This impeachment appears to be a simple case of lawfare by Speaker Dade Phelan.” – Jerry Harben

“Bottom line – all of these allegations against AG Paxton were known to voters before the election, and he was overwhelmingly re-elected. This is an attempt by Dems and RINO Republicans to overturn the election of one of our most effective conservative fighters.” – Kim Spain

“Another Democrat witch hunt!” – Mike McMurry

“I think it is unfortunate that Phelan and his cronies can use impeachment as a method to distract from their own wrongdoings.” – Ruth Spencer

“Of course, the impeachment of Paxton is a political witch hunt. Two things will get you impeached as a Republican, beating a Bush, and crossing the establishment.” – Alan Higginbotham

“The impeachment of AG Paxton is a travesty. Ken has been a courageous and strong AG for Texas.” – Cynthia Grubb

“The impeachment should be dismissed. Mr. Paxton is getting the Texas witch hunt treatment for opposing RINO Phelan and his liberal cronies. Fight on Mr. Paxton.’ – Steve Crevier

“If we don’t stop these kinds of actions against our Texas conservatives, there is no telling what this current Democrat-led Texas Legislature will do.” – Steve Nulf

“This impeachment is right out of the Democrats playbook. Feels like Pelosi is running the Texas House. Shame on the Republicans for participating in this politically motivated impeachment.” – Pamela Millisor

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