Late last week, a state representative found that Texas’ publicly funded medical schools were teaching “gender transition” procedures on minors that include both hormonal and surgical techniques. In yesterday’s Texas Minute, we asked readers if medical schools in Texas should be allowed to teach “child gender transition” procedures.

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“As a physician of 40 years, this is example of academic medicine run amuck.” – J. Campbell, M.D.

“Texas medical students will not be able to qualify for licenses in other states if they are not trained in the procedures of their specialty, including gender modification and abortion. That doesn’t mean we have to permit these procedures in Texas, but yes, students should receive the training.” – Jerry Harben

“First they come for your old and then they come for your babies. Evil surrounds us.” – Kathy Lane

“Child molesters and rapists are among the most reprehensible there are, the people who push this agenda are no different. They should be dealt with accordingly.” – Ken Bintliff

“So called ‘Child Gender Transition’ is absolutely EVIL and must be stopped!” – Mary Matthews

“You can’t drink until you’re 21. You shouldn’t be able to physically alter your body surgically or chemically until at least 21. That way at least you have gone through puberty and matured enough to make your own decision and not be forced to be informed by someone else as to who or what you are.” – Garry Ludwig

“Anyone involved in performing or allowing child gender transition should be charged, convicted and jailed just like any other case of child abuse.” – Ron Thompson

“God assigns our gender. No mere mortal should be allowed to act as a god and alter that. Anyone teaching child gender modification obviously thinks they are a god.” – Harry Hingst

“Maybe the Med schools should require neutering of those idiots that try to act like God!” – Larry Gremminger

“It is absolutely unforgivable what we are doing to our kids with all this sexual mutilation and extreme sexualization of young people.” – Nancy Wood

“These gender affirmations and procedures violate the laws of nature! Your gender is affirmed by God at birth!” – John Cavenah

“Whatever happened to the idea of ‘above all else, do no harm’? I would think castration of a child before puberty would fit in that category.” – Steve Sullivan

“Perhaps they should teach the Hippocratic Oath instead: ‘… apply… all measures [that] are required, avoiding those twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism.’” – Thomas Camardo

“‘Gender transition’ is the next logical step from abortion itself. Man taking the place of God as controller of nature. The slide to depravity is seeking a new low.” – Arthur Potter

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