With filing underway for the 2024 primary election season, we asked readers what label best describes their political leanings.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“As I have often said, ‘Christian, first. Conservative second. Republican, third.’ Therefore, ‘Conservative’ fits best.” – Glenda Piacenti
“Conservative is a better choice than Republican these days. When politicians like Phelan can run as Republicans, it makes people like me distance themselves from the party. Let’s get back to a time when Republican means the only adults in the room.” – Thomas Camardo
“Christian patriot conservative.” – Sheila Domstead
“I chose ‘libertarian’ because most elected Republicans aren’t republican, no Democrats are democrat, Greens are watermelons (green on the outside, red on the inside), Liberal means communist, and Conservative is just an undefined buzzword for the Cornyn types to claim they’re one of us.” – Chris Breaux
“Let’s just say ‘Common Sense.’” – Arthur Potter
“I vote Republican but consider myself a conservative.” – Jaqueline Hobson
“I answered ‘Republican,’ but after some intense internal debate (about 10 seconds worth), I realized that ‘Conservative’ is a better choice. That term embodies all my core values, ones that I will never compromise. Republican is a political term and as such has no meaning apart from the political party. So you now have 2 votes from me. I feel like a Democrat!!” – Ed Scruggs 
“I’m called a ‘We the People right-wing extremist’ and ‘YeeHaw-ist’ by those within my local Republican Party with whom I disagree. These are labels I’m proud to wear in our war against Liberalism.” – Helen Herd
“While I call myself Libertarian because I firmly endorse less government interference in citizen’s lives, I vote Republican because, in these times, I don’t feel I can cast a vote that won’t actually count when it could very easily be a determining factor in a majorly important election.” – Mozelle Barr
“I answered ‘conservative,’ but I’m sure that none of the choices is really appropriate for our population that pays so little attention to the political climate. Until a vast majority of our citizens stop bowing to the State and begin to manage the State, societal deterioration will continue.” – Tobie Hall
“I’m a limited government, moral conservative. I’m more conservative than the vast majority of conservatives, and my moral stances and border policies keep me from being a true libertarian.” – David Vargha
“I am conservative because a lot of Republicans are RINOS. They say they are in the party, but do not adhere to the platform of the party. Dade Phelan would make any Republican sick. Democrat in Republican dress!” – June Criner
“In my opinion, Republicans and Democrats are the same beast. I am an Egalitarian Iconoclast. Political Parties are anathema to American Freedoms.” – Jim Lowry
“Libertarian….but with a small ‘l.’ The LP has become a joke and does not represent the views of actual libertarians.” – Jason Kerr
“I prefer to call myself conservative, as far too many Republicans act and vote like Democrats. Republicans are too weak to get things done. Just look at what is happening in the House, with nobody showing up for work yet collecting a paycheck from the taxpayers.” – Landon Capozzi 
“I picked conservative because I used to be a Republican.  After watching the Republican representatives act like democrats in the Texas House, I decided I do not want to be part of that club.” – Gary Alford 
“In my mind, I should have picked liberal because I’m a traditional liberal (free speech, right to property, etc.). But nobody calls us liberals anymore, they say we’re conservative. So be it.” – Bruce Delater

“I listed ‘other’ as my party preference.  I generally vote for Deserving Republican candidates, but would never, ever vote for the likes of Dade Phelan and his cronies.” – Olli Coker

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