Two months out from Texas’ Republican primary, eight candidates will be on the ballot seeking the GOP presidential nomination. Yesterday, we asked readers who they are currently supporting.

More than 74 percent of those responding said they are supporting Donald Trump, followed by 13 percent for Ron DeSantis, 5.2 percent for Nikki Haley, and 3.7 percent for Vivek Ramaswamy. The remaining candidates received at 1 percent.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“Proudly supporting Donald J. Trump to lead our country back from the precipice where the USA now dangerously clings to life!” – Kathy Fisher

“Only Trump has the courage, commitment, and cash to challenge the corruption Democrats have brought to the election process. Without honest elections, our republic fails.” – Henry Wulff

“Trump Train 2024 baby! Aside from President Trump, there is no one more capable than him to take on the swamp!” – Jeff Martinez

“I support Trump because ‘Promises Made, Promises Kept’ needs a revival of righteousness both in the White House as well as the public house.” – Laura Nunn

“I am in for Vivek! Even though I don’t agree with 100% of his ideas, he is far and above the rest for getting our country back on track.” – Mathew Howard

“What is this…Donald Trump and the 7 Dwarfs?” – Rowland Greenwade

“I chose Trump because of all that he did as president. I do not agree with everything he did, especially some things during COVID. But, I do appreciate that he tells it like it is and gets things done. Also, he loves America and speaks of Christianity in a positive light.” – Cathy Blake

“I like Vivek. He is great at facing the lies and corruption of the mainstream media, and he isn’t a senior citizen yet. It’s time to get some new and younger candidates in the office.” – Karen Tinney

“I was looking for a ‘None of the Above’ button to press, but didn’t find one. But that is my choice.” – Philip Johnson

“I chose TRUMP! Why bother with others when you already have a PROVEN CANDIDATE!” – John Makow

“There is only one candidate. Trump 2024.” – Don Hills

“I am for Donald Trump because he has proven what he can and will do for the US and because woke and crazies are against him.” – Rosemary Teel

“I picked Vivek. For VP.” – Corey Mayo

“Donald J. Trump is the only candidate on this list who is capable of Making America Great Again.” – Gail Hanna

“If the left hates Donald Trump, that says most of what I need to know.” – Dale Zuck

“Nikki Haley is the candidate that appeals to the widest range of voters. She’s not too old (Trump), she’s not too inexperienced (Ramaswamy), she’s not too abrasive (Christie), she’s not an unknown (Binkley, Hutchinson, and Stuckenberg). DeSantis is my second choice. The ‘debates’ had no influence on the choices.” – Thomas Camardo

“Although I would very much advise Donald Trump to become more restrained in his calling people by hateful names, I do know that he is the only candidate that has the backbone to stand up for our country.” – Margie Barlow

“Even though I applauded many of the great things that President Trump achieved during his term in office, he remains his own worst enemy. He was humiliated by a corrupted, stolen election process but, unfortunately, not humbled by it. If there weren’t so much baggage involved, and if the integrity of our national elections were upheld, he would easily be a shoo-in. Unfortunately, neither is the case. Having done what he’s done so far in the state of Florida, I believe Governor DeSantis is a better candidate.” – Randy Miller

“Donald Trump is America’s answer to totalitarianism.” – Glenda Piacenti

“The fact that I continue to see the other candidates acting as if they have a chance against Trump is simply astonishing. The fact that there remain anti-Trumpers spewing unwarranted vitriol after his many accomplishments proving his commitment to liberty and the restoration of American greatness is also astonishing! May the disruption of the political establishment continue and increase!” – Roger Taylor

“There is only one on that list that has proven he can handle whatever is thrown at him.” – Jim Stewart

“Actually, I could go either DeSantis or Trump. Is Trump too damaged, or does he carry too much baggage? Perhaps. But if he makes it through the gauntlet on top, then I’m comfortable supporting him.” – Jeff Harrison

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