With filing underway for Texas’ primary election, we asked readers who they were currently supporting in the presidential contest.

Alphabetically, the candidates currently in the race include: Doug Burgum, Chris Christie, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Asa Hutchison, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Donald Trump.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“Trump is the only candidate with the proven will and ability to fight the overwhelming corruption in our government.” – Margaret Vonder Hoya

“Disappointing, but not surprising to see Abbot endorse Trump, who is only in the race to satisfy his hubris. Abbot can’t get major legislation like school choice passed, but can tell us who to vote for?” – Todd Vician

“I chose Trump.  I have long gotten past the academia and media’s hatred for him and their deliberate attempt to distort the truth and sabotage his efforts.” – Patrick Bell

“Anyone Abbott endorses, I will not endorse. Ever since Abbott started being against teachers, he lost my vote.” – April Falter

“Many voters want to vote for the winner like they win if their guy wins. Politicians like Gov. Abbott want to support the winner because they might return the favor down the road. I support Nikki Haley because she has the best positions on the issues.” – David Holden

“I have always liked Trump, and with the more ridiculous suits that he has to endure from these liberal brainless DA’s, the more I support him!” – Priscilla Love

“Although Donald Trump may have the flash and appeal, his baggage and current legal problems are definitely going to impede his position. DeSantis has the right message, the track record, and the character to become President.” – Arthur Potter

“As a former Trump supporter, I am now supportive of Nikki Haley in the primary, and I so wish other Trump supporters would reconsider their position.  The border, oil production, and the economy are not our only serious problems.  He is not the measured diplomat we desperately need in world affairs.  He’s quite disliked and not respected at all.  If he gets foreign affairs strategy wrong, all of the other issues he may fix pale in comparison to the import of what America can suffer.” – Karen Lawson

“Most likely Trump, but his nomination will bring out the worst of Democratic venom and shenanigans.” – Anthony Cieszkiewicz

“Donald J. Trump is the ONLY tested and battle-hardened Presidential Candidate in the entire field. He isn’t beholden to lobbyist money, he isn’t restrained by political correctness, and he isn’t part of the GOP Establishment.” – Gail Hanna

“Republicans have an opportunity to win with sound policies if the candidate can appeal to a broad demographic. Haley is young enough to appeal to a broader demographic than DeSantis, but it is a toss-up between the two. Trump is too old, Ramaswami is not strong enough in foreign affairs, and Christie and Hutchison don’t have broad appeal. Unfortunately, Trump is getting too much money and public sympathy to make it a fair race.” – Thomas Camardo

“Our country desperately needs Trump as he is not beholden to any special interest groups… and he will clean house, which is desperately needed!” – Debbie Hills

“Thankful we finally have a good and proven conservative to vote for rather than the typical hold-your-nose options. DeSantis is willing to fight for conservative issues, in a conservative way, and he knows how to fight and win. Won me over based on real results. He plans well and is a good leader.” –Clint Alderman

“Donald Trump is America’s last hope at recovery. It’s going to take Donald Trump in the Oval Office AND a majority in the House and Senate to make changes to legislation, not just Executive Orders, if we’re going to save this country.” – Chrissy Vorderbruggen

“This only answer is Trump. The programs he had in place worked. America was safe, wealthy, strong and respected.” – Steve Crevier

“I voted Trump. He’s the only one I actually trust to clean up this mess and shut down the circus. Anyone else in the lineup is nothing more than a ‘substitute teacher,’ and I want the guy I know is not a RINO.” – Rick Goncher

“Why are people and politicians supporting Trump? Is our memory so short we don’t remember the role he had in the pandemic and the Covid vaccine?  I wasn’t surprised that Abbott endorsed Trump. Abbott enjoyed the power he obtained by limiting our freedoms during the pandemic. I want a conservative who stands up for our freedoms. I want a Republican who doesn’t inflame people like Trump does. That’s why my vote is for DeSantis.” – Ruth Spencer

“Trump is the strongest of the bunch to take on the ‘system.’ He would have a more enthusiastic vote from me if he were to admit that he handled COVID poorly and admit his mistakes.” – Dave Dorsey

“I’m supporting Trump because I want him to go back to DC and go all HULK SMASH on the bureaucracy that treasonously undermined his presidency the first time… But I won’t shed one tear if Ron DeSantis gets the nomination, either.” – Chris Breaux

“Anybody that the Dems, the media, and the bureaucracy is afraid of this much has my support!” – Kermit Heaton

“Do you want a ‘talker’ or a ‘doer’? Trump will get things done. The rest will talk about getting things done while accomplishing nothing.” – Bill Parks

“Donald Trump is so far ahead of everyone else in the Republican Party it is almost useless for the other candidates to participate. The other candidates need to get behind Trump and show solidarity for the Republican Party.” – Gary Alford

“While I ‘think’ Desantis ‘might’ be a good POTUS, with Trump the proof is in the pudding!” – Mike Wicks

“President Trump is a proven leader. If they hadn’t stolen the election, imagine where the country would be today.” – Joseph Zimmer

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