U.S. Sen. John Cornyn will not be up for re-election until 2026. We asked if that GOP primary were to be held today, though, where would readers stand on his re-election.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers.

“John Cornyn is a great argument for repealing the 17th amendment. Or putting in place term limits.” – Tom Bartel
“Nearly 6,000 GOP Delegates booed Cornyn at the last state convention. Cornyn’s reply in the newspaper to this was, ‘I don’t bow to the mob.’ He called his own delegation a ‘mob.’ He clearly doesn’t care what Texans want. He needs to be censored by the GOP immediately. Cornyn definitely  has to go.” – Kristen McCarty
“Cornyn can have serious discussions with fence sitters because he doesn’t start by insulting them. I think our Texas senators are doing a great job.” – David Holden
“I haven’t been a fan of John Phony Crony, since he stabbed Ted Cruz in the back, in 2013, over Obamacare. I stopped voting for him after that, and have been warning people against him ever since! He sold his soul to the D.C. swamp.” – Sonya Allison
“Who does he purport to represent any way? It sure isn’t Texans!” – Jay Westfall
“I don’t know how he got re-elected last time!  He votes with the Democrats at least 80% of the time!” – Doreen Cardenas
“In the past, Senator Cornyn has served the state of Texas honorably and well. However, the immigration situation is completely out of hand, and is indeed an invasion to our great state! As such, if that is truly what he believes, then a more forceful voice needs to be elected.” – Phyllis N. Peek
“Cornyn may don the garb of a conservative citizen, but by word and deed, he is a liberal socialist to the bone and has been for many years.” – Jan LeBlanc
“I have said this many times John Cornyn only comes around when he’s up for re election. He is no friend of Texas or its constituents. We need to encourage someone like Ronny Jackson, Chip Roy or even Louie Gohmert to primary him.” – Landon Capozzi
“Sadly, like all too many politicians with an R by their name, Cornyn has essentially turned his back on his constituents.” – Ellen Leyrer 
“John Cornyn is just as bad as Mitch McConnell Why we still allow them to call themselves Republicans is beyond me! We have got to get those two OUT of the Republican Party and out of office.” – Dara Richardson
“Your survey question is meaningless. Who might be running against him? As bad as it is, to label the present situation as an invasion is simply a play on words even though it is descriptive of what is happening. It is also a humanitarian crisis of the highest magnitude and it needs to stop. But for me, or anyone else to say that Cornyn must go simply based upon his verbalized assessment is a bit foolish.” – Norman Turner
“I’ve been voting against Cornyn since 2014!” – Ann Pavalock
“John Cornyn is not a fighter for Texas at all, but rather a politician who has lost the reason he went to DC.” – Betsy Lehnert
“I answered, ‘Cornyn has to go.’  I tell you, I have friends who think Cornyn is great.  Those friends are full-blown Democrats so… What does that tell you about Cornyn?” – Ray Holloway
“I will not vote for Cornyn if his is the only name on the ballot.” – Kathryn Martin 
“He is Texas’ RINO, one step behind McConnell and gets more like him on most critical issues.’ – John Booth
“John Cornyn pays no heed whatsoever to his constituents and their wishes. He doesn’t even pretend to do so. He is a perfect example of a swamp creature overlord who expects compliance and even gratitude. I am disgusted with him. Should he run again, I will campaign for anyone who primaries him.” – Vikie Schwartz
“Anyone who doesn’t recognize Cornyn as a huge part of the problem is also part of the problem.” – Norman Planer
“Cornyn has become another two faced politician! TERM LIMITS, PEOPLE!” – Lynn Tannehill
“I’ve been an ‘anyone but Cornyn’ voter since the end of his first term in Washington. He has RINO written on his forehead!” – O. Machelle Morris
“I have written someone in every time to avoid voting for Cornyn.” – Kevin Bowden
“I did not vote for Cornyn in the last election. To fix this problem the Republican Party of Texas needs to choose a true Republican and not McConnell’s Siamese twin!” – John R. Makow
“I haven’t voted for Cornyn in the last two senate election cycles. He’s a RINO and needs to be primaried.” – Camille Adams
“Cornyn is worse than a RINO. He is a traitor, IMO. He does NOT support the values of  the people of Texas.  And, it would appear that he does not support the values of the American Constitution or the American people either.” – Mary E. Duval

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