With Independence Day approaching, we asked readers yesterday if they plan to celebrate by shooting off their own fireworks or going to watch someone else.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“I wonder how many of those watching the ‘fireworks’ really know why we celebrate the 4th of July?” – John R. Makow
“We usually go see at least 1 firework show & also shoot off a couple of our own when we get home.” – Harold A. Wright
“In days gone by with two children, we fired off our own or used the grandparents’ boat to watch fireworks on Lake Granbury. As we’ve gotten older, sunset seems to come later and bedtime comes earlier. To the rest of you: have fun and be safe!” – Steve Sullivan
“I prefer to let someone else spend their money on these overpriced Chinese fireworks!” – Don Shilling
“We do neither, as our diva dog is terrified by the sudden sounds and pops. She now associates thunder and heavy rain with fireworks.” – Melba Cunningham
“I have always loved any event for America and what America has always stood for. I usually get teary-eyed. The meaning for me has been magnified tenfold since our own people are desperately working against us to change it into an unrecognizable nation. We must stand strong in our faith!  God Bless America!” – Jan Goria
“The threat of wildfire is too great to safely shoot off fireworks in populated areas.” – Thomas Camardo
“I celebrate that others wish to have the fun–just stop the noise before midnight.” – Arthur Potter
“I choose to celebrate my country’s origins with family and friends, and giving praise to God for His great mercies, at allowing me to be born in such a wonderful land of liberty! What a privilege we share!” – Randy Miller
“We wish our neighbors would go see someone else’s fireworks! Every year we stand ready with hoses as those idiots shoot fireworks toward our house.” – Cheryl Alexander

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