A lawsuit filed against Arlington ISD is rooted in questions over the district’s policies regarding gender-confused students. Meanwhile, an investigation into Anna ISD found the district allowed a student to dress and identify as the other gender without informing the parents.

Yesterday, we asked if Texas school districts should be required to inform a parent (or other legal guardian) when a minor asks to be known by a different name or gender in class.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“Until parents care enough about their children to start attending school board meetings and speaking out, things will continue to get worse in Texas public schools.” – Catherina Buschold

“Notifying the parent of a gender-confused student should be a no-brainer. As a parent, I would want to know 1) is my child gender confused and 2) who put that notion in their head.” – Randall Woodman

“If any school is found to be doing this, a parent should immediately withdraw their child from the school. There are always other options.” – Sylvie McLeod

“The fact that this is even a question illustrates what happens when the citizens are not in charge. We have allowed ‘the government’ to take too much control without even a modicum of resistance. The super-minority has taken control of the majority. According to Gallup, the Texas population includes less than 5% who identify as ‘LGBTQXYZ!’” – Steve Sullivan

“This is one of the many reasons parents are abandoning public schools and demanding better alternatives for their kids.” – Fran Rhodes

“If a kid wants to be called ‘Bubba’ or ‘Tank,’ I should not have to tell the parent every time they change their mind. Just trivial. I will not call a different gender, so they won’t get that from me. I am fine telling a parent about a gender identity request.” – Mathew Howard

“As a parent, I should be informed of any and everything being taught to my child. Contrary to popular belief, I pay taxes, which in turn pay teachers. So I should know what my money is paying for.” – Debra Davis

“If a child is under 18 years of age, the school is obligated to tell parents should something like this occur. There may or may not be mental health issues, and it is the family that should determine any course of action if needed. School may be the child’s advocate, but they are not the parent or guardian.” – Anthony Fourman

“Isn’t it interesting that the left fervently preaches ‘separation of church and state’ but feel it is their right and duty to feed our children the propaganda of their cultist religions with impunity?” – Patrick Bell

“Parents and legal guardians have the absolute right to know EVERYTHING about their minor children. Schools were founded to help educate children.” – Lynn Tannehill

“Government schools thinking the children are theirs and not the parents’ is just another step in the Marxist Parade.” – Rick Goncher

“Not only should the school inform the parents, it should be against the law for a school to use any name except the child’s name on the birth certificate.” – Gary Hunt

“Once children are in school, anything can happen. If you want to make sure your children are safe, actually learning something other than pronouns, and will not be encouraged to become a different gender, homeschool them. More importantly, disciple them in God’s truth!” – Cathy Blake

“The school district will call the parents if the child is behaving badly, sick, or in a fight, but the district doesn’t call the parent if the student has a mental crisis? I think the groomers at the elementary education level have infiltrated district administration and want gender confusion for personal reasons.” – Gene Klutts

“The practice of keeping secrets about their children from parents (other than those that could endanger them, i.e., home abuse) must stop!” – Michelle Lantz

“Absolutely, yes! Since children are minors, the parents should know about every major decision since they are the ones responsible for the well-being of said child. This is just common sense, but I guess that is quite elusive these days.” Eric Knutson

“Yes, parents should be involved in all decisions concerning their children, and schools should not hire teachers or counselors who would join children in delusional behavior of any kind.” – Tamara Gunn

“Parents have the God-given right to know what is going on in their school in ALL respects. Further, the school should teach traditional subjects without getting involved in the gender issue.” – George McClure

“Unfortunately, too many of us have abdicated responsibilities to elected officeholders (and bureaucrats). Questioning policies, be it schools, local taxing agencies, state or federal arenas, is our burden. We’re living the results of voter apathy every day, we can no longer allow ourselves that luxury. It is OUR money, not theirs.” – Mary Casper

“Parents should be informed if a student shows signs of mental health issues such as Gender Dysphoria. Child rearing is the parents’ responsibility to God, not to the state, and if a child is having health issues, the schools have a duty to inform the parents. Calling a confused child by his preferred pronouns or allowing him to cross-dress contributes to the child’s illness and breaches trust between the parents and the school.” – Tyler Tennies

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