Much has been made nationally about drag shows targeting children, so we asked if readers think parents should be allowed to take their kids to sexually explicit events.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received.

“It is child abuse so parents shouldn’t initiate it by taking their kids to these shows.” – Rachel Salajean

“If parents think that they should be allowed to take their innocent children to a drag queen show THEY ARE NOT FIT TO BE PARENTS!! I absolutely believe in a parents right for most things like the choice for vaccines and school choice,  but this is so perverted, the parents AND the queens need to be stopped!” – Christine Gerval

“While I don’t like parents taking them to explicit drag shows, it is their right, no matter how stupid or morally wrong it is.  We must find a way to stop the school districts and some churches from holding these events.” – Charles Webb

“We are required by law to protect our children by buckling them into seatbelts, so why should be not be required to protect them from predators?” – Charlene Roberson

“Chapter 43 of the Texas Penal Code arguably criminalizes the presentation of drag shows to minors. If the material presented is ‘patently offensive to prevailing standards in the adult community as a whole with respect to what is suitable for minors.’ The problem is, THIS trash is apparently now within acceptable standards, which is a shining example of our society’s overall moral decay. The root of the problem is deeper than laws.” – Travis Gundelach

“Drag queens have no good reasons to bring their perverse grotesquerie to children, and that is to corrupt and/or abuse them. I though corruption of a minor or indecency with minors was a crime? When did it become legitimate or something any sane person would promote?” – Madeleine Myers

“You’re either for parents rights or against them. I think any parent that takes their child to those drag shows are morally corrupt and sick, but it’s still their right.” – Doreen Cardenas

“Isn’t this obvious? My apologies; I forgot, parents who actually care for the well-being of their children are labeled as ‘domestic terrorists.’” – Zack Dunnam

“This is disgusting and absolutely jaw-dropping behavior by stupid parents who are clearly abusing their children exposing them to this evil garbage. If they think this is ‘cute,’ I feel they need extensive psychiatric and spiritual help.” – Andra Haney

“The state has the legal and ethical responsibility to protect children. There is no ‘right’ that allows parents to abuse their children regardless of what form it takes.” – Karole Fedrick

“The parent has the right as I believe the parents should control their children as long as they are not physically or mentally abusing their children; however, I believe any parent who would take their child to a Drag Queen show is showing very poor parenting.  We have way too much government control in our lives….. we do not need more.” – David Leese

“We can’t have government choosing how we raise our kids. Is it inappropriate? Yes, but if they can tell us not to take our kids there, then what’s next church? Smaller government and parents learning what’s right from wrong is what we need.“ – Ruth Sherman

“The state does have an obligation to protect the defenseless from harm or abuse. That is how I reconcile a pro-liberty view with saying parent’s taking their kids to drag shows, or affirming gender  dysphoria, are committing child abuse.” – Tom Bartel

“Drag shows should be limited to 18 years old or above. They have no place in a child’s day.” – Dawn Gerstenberger

“I am vehemently against parents subjecting their children to this kind of thing.  However, I also think it is a very slippery slope to have government deciding what is not allowed, what is ‘sexually explicit.’ We have already seen where this goes with the leftist twits on social media censorship deciding what is unacceptable. I think it is up to we the people to express our opinion by openly shaming these parents, making sure no public funds or facilities are used, and by making it clear to establishments that sponsor these things are going to lose business.” – Jim Andrade

“Morality cannot be legislated, but must be instilled by the hearts of mankind as given to them from Above. Drag queen show are definitely not here to help children to become moral citizens.” – Danny Thompson 

“I’m a strong advocate of parental rights, but apparently some parents lack common sense. We should demand legislation that would set an age limit to attend a drag show.” – Lloyd Smith

“Not only is it child abuse, they are being set up for a life of addiction and failure that can spread to everyone around them. We are supposed bless our children with a strong Christian foundation and legacy, not curse them to a life of misery.” – Ken Bintliff

“I think it is a parents right and duty to bring up their children. But I find it distressful that this question is even asked and perhaps hints at how morally low some sectors of our nation have sunk.” – Bob Porter

“Children do not have the cognitive ability to know what is right or wrong.  Parents are responsible for teaching this ability. Failure to do so should be a case of abuse.” – Laura Morton

“People need to be very careful about declaring other people’s bad parenting decisions to be ‘child abuse’. When we encourage the state to interfere in parenting decisions, the state will be encouraged to interfere in OUR parenting decisions that others don’t agree with.” – Erika Metzger

“As an advocate for parental rights, I must say yes, those parents have the right to take their children to a drag show even though I don’t agree with their decision. We must be very cautious here. At their recent convention, the Texas Home School Coalition was confronted by protesters telling them that to teach creationism is child abuse. Demanding that government dictate every morale action IS tyranny.” – Roger Taylor

“I am embarrassed as a lifelong Texan that this question is even being asked. It’s totally absurd to think that a parent would actually think it is fine to expose their children to such outrageous acts! I want my Texas back!” – William Wallace

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