Early in-person voting continues all this week ahead of the March 5 primary. Yesterday, we asked readers if they had already voted or planned to do so.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“By voting early, you help grassroots candidates you support to target their limited resources to turn out the vote! Easy way to be an activist!” – Kathy Turner

“I love the thrill of voting on Election Day, so I always wait. I can’t let this question go by, though, without letting people know we have voting recommendations for 80 counties at www.truetexasproject.com/election2024. Those judges and commissioners can be hard to pick, so we’re here to help you out!” – Julie McCarty

“I like to vote. I see it as a right and privilege. I voted the first day of early voting. I have never missed since I became old enough.” – Gary Hunt

“I prefer to vote early, but not TOO early, in case a scandal arises that would change my vote.” – Teri McGiffert

“I always vote early, so my vote will be anything but Democrat in case I die.” – David Hudman

“Not only did I vote in the primary just yesterday, but I took my two voting-age kids and my spouse! Oh, and everyone had a printout of the primary ballot with my suggestions for how to vote. The best voter is an informed voter!” – Dana Krasinksi

“I tell people the first day of early voting is ‘election day.’ All the rest are the grace period of ‘late voting.’” – Kevin Wade

“I always vote early.  Less traffic.  Easier to do.” – Terry Jones

“Voting should be done in person with ID on Election Day, using paper ballots. There should only be very few exceptions for voting absentee.” – Al Crable

“Too many things happen during early voting … new revelations, new interviews, last minute information discoveries, so I always wait. Then I know I’m sure with my decisions. Also, we get together with neighbors to hash out every candidate or proposition. The objective is to vote as a block and not cancel each other’s vote.” – Danny Burrows

“It’s a pain to drive into Lakeway or Bee Cave to a mass voting center. We will just wait until March 5 to vote locally.” – Charles Reagan

“I do vote early and will do so this week. For me, being a homeschool mom with multiple health issues, it’s just easier to go to my voting location early. I can get in and out in about 10 minutes, which is great since I cannot always stand for long periods of time.” – Cathy Blake

“I voted on Tuesday, day two.  No lines.” – Ron Smith

“I always vote on Election Day, But this time, I am ‘answering the call’ to vote early.” – Bill Hall

“I have found early voting convenient because of business-related travel. However, I have also found ways to get to the polls on election day regardless of any inconvenience.” – Roger Taylor

“If you give up your right to vote, you must also give up your right to complain about the outcome.” – Tara Souther

“I always vote early, and I support early voting.  Counting on one day to vote is a sucker’s bet due to unforeseen circumstances.” – Jason Kerr

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