Yesterday, we asked readers which word or phrase best describes the thousands of people crossing illegally into the United States.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“As a naturalized U.S. citizen who came to this great country LEGALLY,  I am angered by this administration’s blatant disregard of immigration laws and putting our nation’s security at risk by its failure to protect our borders.” – Maria Elena Salvador-Stein
“I call them Invaders.” – Matthew Thibeault
“Call it what it is and not attempt to diminish the criminal act by using other terms. Failure to use ‘illegal alien’ would be similar to calling a thief a ‘borrower of goods.’” – Harry S. Tervalon, Jr. 
“They are technically Illegal Aliens.  But make no mistake, this is a foreign invasion orchestrated by the communist Biden regime.” – Jeanne Huryn
“Illegal alien is the correct term according to federal law and the English language. Invader is also accurate in some ways.” – Jim Pikl
“They are illegal aliens. They came here illegally, so there is no need to sugarcoat that.” – Corrine Jung 
“They are criminals and as such should be immediately deported.” – Fred Wootton
“I’ve always said ‘illegal alien’ because it’s what they were called for years, and I’m not exactly one to worry about being politically correct. But now that ‘foreign invader’ has been suggested, I’ll absolutely make the effort to switch!” – Julie McCarty
“I answered ‘Something Else’ as their true name is ‘future Democrat voter.’ They are the key to the Dumbocrats’ plan to move America to a permanent one-party state.” – Tom Wilson

“They really are best described as ‘Government Sponsored Invaders.'” – Rachel Salajean

“For someone who was honored by being allowed to IMMIGRATE LEGALLY to this great country…It is a slap in the face if anyone uses the word ‘immigrant’ to describe these INVADERS!” – John R. Makow
“Doesn’t matter what you call them. They are not here legally!” – Cindy Middleton
“The term ‘illegal alien,’ when broken down, means an individual that is not from this area and has not gone through the legal process to get here. All the other terms are window dressing for all of the liberal idiots that are trying to cover up our problem.” – Jimmy Lane
“I say illegal alien.” – Maudie Tarver
“Any invader that has crossed our border illegally should be deported immediately and should NEVER be allowed to re-enter our country under any circumstance. Illegal entry should automatically void any claim of asylum. NO EXCEPTIONS!” – Howard Benham
“Criminal.” – Meghan Matson
“When people come to a country to make a home, they are immigrants.  When they come to overthrow it, they are invaders.” – James Sterling
” I used to say illegal aliens, but it has gone way beyond that now. 168 countries is an invasion, and it has all been orchestrated by the JoeBama regime. We’ve already lost our country IMO.” – Cheryl Alexander
“I call them Illegal Immigrants, but ‘Foreign Invader’ is certainly the best description.” –  Steve Price
“I think the most common vernacular is illegal alien, but I choose ‘Foreign Invader’ because I believe that is what the border crossing has become. We are being invaded by a political army from the evil ideology known as liberalism, with the left using the illegal alien as their weapon of choice.” – Kayne Parrish
“I fail to understand why the current border mess isn’t viewed the same as one returning to their home, finding it had broken into, and now have to support those who broke in for the rest of their lives.” – Roy Leatherberry 

“The people that enter from a different country without passports, visas, work permits, etc. are illegal aliens.  Try entering other countries and see what happens.  Our laws need to be enforced.” – Debra Davis
“I answered today’s one click survey with ‘illegal alien’ because that is what they ALL are. However, the vast majority of those coming across for the last several years are also ‘foreign invaders’ doubling up the reason they must be stopped!” – Harry Hingst
“With such lax rules for entering the country anyway, why do it illegally?” – Arthur Potter
“I choose Illegal Alien, they may also be a hostile force to carry out hate and discontent as a fifth column, to help subvert the Republic. Our elected officials are providing aid and comfort to them. I’m old enough to remember when this was treason.” – Bob Davis 
“You cannot tackle the problem or correct an issue if you cannot define it in proper terms.  We have to stop falling into the trap set by Leftists and the media by legitimizing any foreigner’s right to break our immigration laws by using terms like migrants or immigrants. Strictly speaking, these are illegal aliens crossing our border, and armed cartel members are foreign invaders! Both must be turned back without recourse for legitimacy!” – Michael Edinburgh

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