A federal judge has ordered Texas to remove the buoy barriers from the Rio Grande, but the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily halted that order.

Yesterday, we asked readers what they thought Gov. Abbott should do if that “stay” is lifted and federal judges demand that the buoys be removed.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“Here’s what Gov. Abbott should say: ‘Come and take it.’” – Fran Rhodes
“We should leave the buoys in place, add more, and start sending immigrants back across the border as the federal government should be doing.  So far, all that Abbott has done amounts to ineffective political posturing.” – Robert Hooton
“Texas has the right to protect itself from invasion if the Federal Government doesn’t do its job.” – Sharon Sapp
“While I disagree with the order to remove the buoy barriers, Texas must either remove itself from the union, appeal to the Supreme Court, or obey the rule of law.” – Gerald Slater

“Comply with the order, then declare an emergency and post the guard on the border and not allow any illegal immigration in.” – James Davis
“Our great State of Texas has every God-given right to protect its territory, and if the Federal Government will not do it, we damn sure will!” – Lori Lundy
“We need to comply.  How can we not claim the Dems have gone rogue, when we are acting in the same manner?  I understand trying to protect the border from the onslaught of invasion; however, we can not act in the manner we abhor. We must take the high ground.” – Greg Reinhart

“I said leave ’em there, but that’s mostly as a middle finger to a federal government that’s done nothing to secure our borders.” – Cindy Armstrong
“Gov. Abbott should not only leave the buoys but also install many more. If Biden says leave all illegal aliens in Texas; Texas should ship more to Delaware, Vermont, California, Illinois, New York and every Blue state in the USA.” – Danny Thompson 
“Personally, I’d prefer land minds since crazy Joe created this mess, but buoys are a start.” – Priscilla Love
“Perhaps Abbot should pursue a more ‘environment-friendly’ remedy: stock the Rio Grande with thousands of alligators!” –  Bill Parks
“If the feds aren’t going to keep Texas safe, then Texans must.” – Steve Sullivan
“These buoys placed by Abott are a step towards halting the invasion. A country with open borders is no country at all.” – Dana Krasinksi
“Not only leave them in place but extend them and do everything else you can to discourage illegal immigration. We have long past the point of putting open, active defiance in play.” – Mike Masterson
“Texas should not do one single thing that Biden and his goons tell us to do. NOT EVER!” – Nancy Sawyer
“Since the federal government refuses to do its constitutional duty to protect and secure our borders – Texas should do it.” – Debra Davis
“If the buoys are working, and apparently they are because otherwise no one cares, then they should be left in place.” – Roger Taylor
“If I understand what I have read correctly, Texas has asked for assistance and received none. This has put an undue burden on the state and her people.  If the federal government can’t/will not help with this issue, the State of Texas has no choice but to protect her borders and citizens.” – Anthony Fourman
“If the Federal government starts enforcing the law, maybe then we could take the barrier down.” – William Chapman
“Abbott should protect our border first and foremost…. unlike he’s been doing. Don’t remove the buoys. Stop the invaders. I’m so tired of seeing illegals on every street corner selling flowers. No one stops them. They’re not contributing to our country. They are merely milking the teat of OUR tax dollars.” – Jamie Mueller
“‘Comply’ but sue President Biden for not doing his job. Remember the constitution – “Protect and ….” The vice president should be removed because she was/is the border czar and has failed miserably at her job.” – Joe Zimmer
“The buoys stay. Otherwise, we are not only complicit, we are aiding in the destruction of this country. We would be joining them in NOT doing our job.” – Bob Frapples
“No, Texas should not remove the buoys.  The federal government has failed to secure our borders.” – Monte Long
“Not only leave the buoys in place but string another 700 miles of them from the Gulf to El Paso.” – David Allen

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