Like the wealthy residents of the leftist enclave in Martha’s Vineyard, readers apparently don’t want illegal aliens being allowed to hang around.

Yesterday, the One Click Survey asked readers to pick the next U.S. destination to which illegal aliens should be transported.

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“I voted for Biden’s home but really it’s best to send them to all three but better to send them all back across the border.” – Rachel Salajean

“As much as I like owning the libs with sending them all over the country, I would much rather you just send them back. We have an invasion going on, time to stop playing games.” – Heather Gill

“How about, instead of sending invaders further into the country, we repel them before they ever make it across the border? I appreciate that these demonstrations are making the media talk about immigration again, but when has exposing the Left’s hypocrisy ever actually resulted in a victory for the Right? Now is the time for a show of force. Declare an invasion and send in troops.” – Cody Ratliff

“I think Sleepy Joe should welcome them with open arms.” – Dawn Gerstenberger

“Yes, all those are good for the photo ops, but my real ‘next U.S. destination’ wouldn’t actually be the U.S. at all but back across the border.” – Andra Haney

“Hauling illegals to other cities is not funny. They are here illegally and most are criminals and are putting people in danger. My moral compass can’t support that.” – Kim Moore

“I think sending them to elite liberal enclaves has far higher impact because the elites will make much more noise with their political hacks, and this will show up in the media more.  How about some flights to Aspen?” – Jim Andrade

“Right at Biden’s doorstep!  Unfortunately security would stop the illegal aliens long before they got to the Delaware state line!” – Kathy Fisher

“Send the Illegals to the White House and Capital Hill.” – Chris Morris

“As enjoyable as it is to see liberals writhe when illegals are dropped on their doorstep, Abbott is still negligent in addressing the real problem.  He has kept his emergency powers in place for over two years, but he refuses to use them to declare an invasion….much less repel the invasion.” – Jason Kerr

“Back to where they came from is a far better choice.” – Virginia Green

“Voted to send them to Joe’s home but I really want illegals flown back to where they came from.  Indelibly marked to never be allowed back into the USA.” – Jerry Bledsoe

“I chose California as I think it is a lost cause anyway. I would prefer to send them back from whence they came!” – Gillian McLean

“Abbott’s busing of illegals across the country may bring some attention to the issue, but the only destination that will make a meaningful impact on our psyches and pocketbooks is Mexico.” – Bill Peacock

“I believe there are enough warm bodies to send to all three .. . .  and more. The question is, would any of them WANT to go there?” – John Viertel

“I voted to send the illegal invaders to Biden’s home, but I would like them sent to Mexico City.” – Gary Hunt

“While I do not like the fact that they use taxpayer money to ship these illegals to other destinations instead of back across the border…the humor does not escape me of how the rich liberal elites react to them showing up at their homes.” – Rick L. Perry

“As I understand, Bernie owns three homes in Vermont (Not bad for a communist). So let’s send some of the invaders to live in his extra homes.” – Matthew Thibeault

“Joe Biden’s home in Delaware is lacking illegal immigrants. I think some of them should be walking around his property.” – David Demaree

“There’s only one place to ship illegals. Back to their own country.” – David Bergthold

“Send these illegals to every sanctuary city in the US!” – Bob Davis

“We should share our illegal immigrants with the states that have tossup races for Senate seats this year … Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Washington and Colorado.” – Jerry Harben

“Bernie Sanders house is my choice because, like Martha’s Vineyard, the good people of Vermont need to see what continually voting for a Socialist means!” – Greg Burr

“Vermont has the fewest Hispanics of any state in the nation. A bus load or two at Bernie’s place will have the biggest impact.” – David Holden

“With so many Californians moving to Texas, there is plenty of room to drop [illegals] off there. The round trip for the transportation should reduce costs for both directions.  Win-win!” – Arthur Potter

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