There has been increasing chatter about the possibility of new COVID-related lockdowns and mandates.

Yesterday, we asked readers if they would comply.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“Sure, everybody can say they won’t comply, but what will they do when the door to HEB says ‘no mask, no entrance’?” – Mark Juelg
“Speaking for my family, we lost a lot of respect and trust in the medical and pharmaceutical professions during the Covid years. We won’t be lining up for any of it again.” – Patricia Forsythe
“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!” – Tim Rhodes
“I do NOT plan to comply with new mask mandates and lockdowns. I NEVER believed it was necessary the first time around.  I am sick to death of being jerked around with all this Covid stuff.” – Nancy Wood
“I didn’t comply with any of the previous lockdown or mask orders, and I won’t comply with future orders. I will also actively fight any business or citizens who do comply because my freedom, and the freedom of my children, depend on them fighting for their freedoms.” – Spencer Siino
“It seems we just can’t get enough of riding that dead horse! Give me a break!” – Sara Heizer
“Not this time or ever again. We now have a lot more information about what it is and what are and are not effective measures of treatment. But I, for one, can’t wait to see the toilet paper shortage again.” – Rick Goncher
“Once again, they are setting the stage to once again control the elections that are coming up. Mail-in ballots and stuffing the boxes.” – Carroll Knight
“The COVID-related lockdowns and mandates did not work the first time around. Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing and expecting a different result?” – Chuck Breedlove
“I have had enough of Government telling me what to do on medical issues. Nothing will make me comply with mandates of any kind. We the People are not property of Government.” – Cheryl Alexander
“I am 74 years old. I did not comply with any of this crap last time, nor will I comply this time…AND GUESS WHAT, I’M STILL ALIVE!” – John R. Makow
“The administration has proven they and NIH can’t manage health in this country.” – Bob Gibson
“I have outgrown following idiots!” – Ratliff Herman
“It didn’t work the first time and destroyed our economy, so my answer is: Not no, but hell no!!” – Janet Gustafson
“I am not willing to let myself be masked or forced to take a shot for an illness that I have had twice and was no worse than the flu. Mandates such as those that were used during COVID-19 have led us down a road of involuntary compliance by conditioning us to accept whatever we are told to do and not stand up for what we know is right.” – Tom Parson
“No, I will not comply.” – Laura Morton
“No, no, no, a thousand times NO! At my age, I do not intend to spend any more time constrained from my normal activities because of another scamdemic. Was duped into that by the first scamdemic. Won’t be fooled again!” – Harry Hingst
“I didn’t comply when the COVID nonsense hit California in 2020. I sure as hell won’t comply now that I live in Texas. And I will continue to mock the morons who are STILL wearing a mask.” – Catherine Buschold
“It is my humble opinion that the mandates and lockdowns had nothing to do with public health.  Nor were the measures effective in preventing illness. We did not shelter in place last time, and we will NOT surrender our freedoms if/when the socialists try to invoke them again during the coming elections.” – Dennis Scharp
“No. I believe lockdowns and mask mandates are a form of government control that overreaches.  I had COVID twice, and my immune system did its job both times.” – Debra Davis
“The big lesson of the most recent COVID era is that top-down mandates and government-ordered lockdowns are not only ineffective and unnecessary but do more harm than good. The administrative State should be prevented from infringing on first amendment rights of citizens.” – Thomas Camardo
“No one I know is up for any of the mandate nonsense again.” – Chuck Farch
“No, I will not comply with a mandate that does nothing but make individuals sicker. There is no irrefutable truth that masks help in any way. Pick your study, and you’ll find a side to support your stance. God decides when my days are done, not the CDC!” – Hamila Hobson
“No, I will not, as the failure of the 1st round should not be tried again. ‘Fauci folly’ isn’t needed.” – Joe Zimmer
“Not only NO, but HELL NO to any COVID lockdowns.” – Nancy Sawyer
“The only reason for Covid mandates is to give the government more control over the elections next year. If the Democrat-controlled states can lock down the people, then they can seal another election.” – Gary Hunt
“Since the 2020 fiasco proved to be unacceptable, why would we accept another unbearable event?” – Barbara McClure
“I did not comply last time.” – Bob Davis
“During the last round of mandates, I complied twice. Once, at a walk-in clinic that required me to mask to go into the building to approve medical tests for my son. He tested positive for the virus and strep throat. I did not catch either one from him. Our household did not separate from each other when the virus made rounds amongst us either. My family was among the ‘essential workers,’ so it made the rounds a few times. The other time was at a hospital in Michigan to visit my newborn grandie. I won’t be complying this time if masking is required again, although it was very difficult to be the lone person without a mask everywhere I went, including church and even in a room of Republican voters during elections.” – Marion Stade
“COVID must be one of the smartest viruses known to humans!! It only becomes active every 4 years during the presidential election.” – Greg Butt
“There is no way that I will agree to getting ‘jabbed’ again! I did it once due to my employer ‘highly suggesting’ all the employees getting it. I regret that decision.” – David Barton

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