As Texas gears up for a special legislative session on school choice, the American Federation for Children launched a new political action committee to promote candidates dedicated to “education freedom.”

The AFC advocates for school choice legislation across the country to “empower families, especially lower-income families, with the freedom to choose the best K-12 education for their children.”

The organization also provides resources on education to families and mentors “tomorrow’s leaders in the school choice movement.”

The AFC says it “believes every child deserves an education tailored to his or her unique needs and aspirations.”

Now, the group is launching the AFC Victory Fund Super PAC, which claims it will “​​take AFC’s work of championing school choice and empowering parents to the next level.”

The AFCVF promises to be a “powerful force” in state legislative races nationwide and will spend at least $10 million supporting pro-school choice candidates during the next election cycle.

The organization highlighted its success during the 2022 election season when it spent $9 million and won 277 out of 368 races, which marked a 75 percent success rate and included the defeat of 40 anti-school choice incumbents.

The AFC referred to its 2022 achievements as a “sonic boom” for school choice.

“Coming off our best election cycle ever, the tectonic plates have shifted decisively in favor of educational freedom, and we’re just getting started,” said AFC CEO Tommy Schultz. “With AFC Victory Fund, we are taking our work to the next level, intending to invest at least $10 million in state-level races to ensure the interests of parents are represented at ballot boxes in key districts from coast to coast. With $6 million already committed, we are shaping up to have our best cash position ever ahead of the primary season.”

Schultz also said that private education should be an option for every American student, not just those from wealthy families.

“Especially when we see news that even teachers unions bosses are choosing private schools for their own kids, we are motivated to ensure all families have those options available for their own children, not just for the elected or politically connected,” said Schultz.

School choice advocate and AFC Senior Fellow Corey DeAngelis supported the AFCVF’s creation on social media and voiced a warning to those working against education freedom.

“Watch out, enemies of parental rights in education,” said DeAngelis.

Schultz had a similar message for anti-school choice legislators across the nation.

“If you’re a candidate or lawmaker who opposes school choice and freedom in education – you’re a target,” said Schultz. “If you’re a champion for parents – we’ll be your shield.”

Katy Marshall

Katy graduated from Tarleton State University in 2021 after majoring in history and minoring in political science.