As self-proclaimed socialist and former Austin City Councilman Greg Casar attempts to fail upwards into a congressional seat, he has found a new ally:

That the far-left Democrat U.S. representative from New York City would endorse her ideological ally is unsurprising; the endorsement had been rumored for weeks.

Casar would help Ocasio-Cortez inflict the mayhem he wreaked in Austin upon the entire nation.

During Casar’s time on the city council, he inflamed an affordability crisis in Texas’ capital, where at least 42 percent of the area’s working families have struggled to pay their bills. Austin was also recently ranked the third worst livable city in America for minimum-wage employees, in part because local officials are constantly charging higher property tax bills.

But Casar was most notorious for the contentious 2019 homeless camping decision, when he and the council legalized unrestrained public camping in nearly all spaces across the city (except city hall, notably). The decision ignited a two-year wildfire throughout Austin, including surges of homeless individuals and tents on the streets, outbreaks of violent crime, and public backlash and petitions. The issue culminated earlier this year when a majority of Austinites citywide showed up to the polls to override the council’s decision.

Furthermore, Casar was the primary architect of 2020’s “defund the police” debacle, when he and the council cut up to $150 million from the Austin Police Department (one-third of their budget) and canceled three police cadet training academies. Since then, the department has lost hundreds of officers and disbanded numerous units; 911 response times are now “dramatically slower”; APD Chief Joseph Chacon announced last fall that the department will no longer dispatch officers for numerous 911 calls; and a record killing spree and violent crime binge has unfolded on the streets.

If that wasn’t enough, Casar and the council have repeatedly funneled citizens’ money toward killing babies, with Casar fighting against Texas’ new life-saving Heartbeat Act and even saying more abortions will make Austin a “safer and better place to live.”

The Bronx, which Ocasio-Cortez represents in Congress, has the highest abortion rate in the country. Tragically, 47 percent of Bronx babies (61 percent of which were black babies) were aborted in 2014.

Casar is running against State Rep. Eddie Rodriguez, who is attempting to consolidate the sane faction of local Democrats.

Adam Cahn

Adam is a longtime conservative activist and an avid UT and Yankees fan.


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