Kinney County Attorney Brent Smith called a proposed immigration deal in the U.S. Senate that was leaked early “not a compromise” but instead “treason.”

According to Fox Business, the proposed deal would increase the number of green cards given out by 50,000 per year, provide work permits for illegal aliens to work jobs that would otherwise require American citizens to have at least a bachelor’s degree, and would also provide taxpayer-funded lawyers for illegal aliens who are declared “mentally incompetent” or minors.

In addition, the plan would grant immediate work permits for illegal aliens who are released from federal custody, restrict parole given to those who enter the country between ports of entry without authorization, and would only authorize deportation for a limited period of time—and only if numbers exceed 5,000 per day over the course of seven days.

During an interview with Fox Business, U.S. Rep. Richard McCormick (R-GA) said that over the last three years, the equivalent to the populations of 13 congressional districts has been released into the U.S., and if this plan is carried out, it will only make matters worse.

“This rewards the bad behavior that caused it to begin with. This isn’t a real solution; this is actually part of the problem,” he said.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson also posted on X commenting on the deal, saying, “Absolutely not.”

Kinney County, which is located between Eagle Pass and Del Rio, is one of the only Republican counties on the Texas-Mexico border. County officials have pushed for both state and federal action, with Smith saying previously, “Congress has the constitutional authority, and most importantly, the responsibility to ensure that federal funding promotes and protects the safety and security of American citizens.”

Amelia McKenzie

Amelia is a senior at Liberty University in Virginia. She is studying Digital Journalism and is currently a fellow with Texas Scorecard.