A federal judge issued a preliminary injunction ordering the Biden administration to continue funding the construction of a border wall.

During the Trump presidency, Congress allocated approximately $1.4 billion to fund the construction of a barrier system along the southwest U.S.-Mexico border.

According to Judge Drew Tipson’s order issued last week, Congress provided exactly $1,904,468,000 in funding to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in December 2019 to be used for border infrastructure purposes for the upcoming fiscal year 2020.

Of the total amount, $1,375,000,000 was to be used strictly “for the construction of [a] barrier system along the southwest border.”

On January 20, 2021—the day President Joe Biden assumed office—he paused these funds via proclamation and ordered the DHS to devise methods of redirecting them. Texas and Missouri subsequently sued the Biden administration to stop these actions.

Tipson granted the motion for a preliminary injunction to order the Biden administration to resume funding the southwest border wall.

The injunction shall remain in effect until “a final resolution of the merits of this case or until a further Order from this Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, or the United States Supreme Court.”

Attorney General Ken Paxton celebrated the motion.

“Biden acted completely improperly by refusing to spend the money that Congress appropriated for border wall construction, and even attempting to redirect those funds,” he said. “His actions demonstrate his desperation for open borders at any cost, but Texas has prevailed.”

Texas Scorecard reached out to the DHS for comment but has not received a response.

Will Biagini

Will was born in Louisiana and raised in a military family. He currently serves as a journalist with Texas Scorecard. Previously, he was a senior correspondent for Campus Reform.