O’Keefe Media Group Founder and CEO James O’Keefe recently published an exposé revealing a secret facility in Arizona transporting illegal aliens to Phoenix Sky Harbor airport on the hour. 

In the video—posted to X on January 3—one of the facility workers, identified as Jesus Moreno, confronts O’Keefe on the sidewalk and says that he is not allowed to keep “harassing people.” 

When asked for his name, Moreno replied “None-ya” as in “None-ya business.” He then closed an entrance fence on OMG journalists. In the video, Moreno can be seen trying to bribe O’Keefe and his team to leave the facility.

Another staffer at the facility, identified as Tomas Robles, called O’Keefe and other OMG journalists “domestic terrorists.” The facility is run by the International Rescue Committee, a non-governmental organization (NGO), according to OMG reporting.

“Migrants tell us they crossed border illegally, as IRC [was] given $415 million from Feds to give the pretense of Refugee status and fly them on flights out of Terminal 3 and 4,” O’Keefe wrote on X. 

Similar accusations of NGOs facilitating the travel of illegal aliens further into the country on order from the federal government have been made in Texas, with concerns that the NGOs could be facilitating human trafficking in some cases. Retired ICE agent and border security expert Victor Avila has discussed the dangers involved with transporting unvetted illegal aliens through airports and personally attested to seeing similar incidents in South Texas.

In a follow up video posted to X on January 10, O’Keefe and OMG journalists decided to follow one of the buses transporting illegal aliens to the airport and interview the driver to find out who is contracting the bus companies. 

While en route, the bus driver tried to back up into the OMG journalists’ car while at a stoplight. The driver then recklessly drove through traffic in an attempt to evade the journalists. 

Upon reaching the airport, the bus driver called the police on O’Keefe and his team. After arriving, the police actually escorted the illegal aliens to their respective terminals and then departed.

This story comes as the border crisis in Texas and Arizona continues to worsen as a result of President Joe Biden’s open-border policies. For example, earlier this month, a senior immigration researcher blasted the Biden administration for the current asylum crisis. 

“The border crisis is not the result of incompetence,” NumbersUSA Director of Research Erik Ruark said. “It’s due to the willful and deliberate decision-making by those who are ultimately making the decisions in the White House.

“Congress needs to reassert its plenary power over immigration,” he continued. “It’s the absolute authority that it has over immigration—determining who comes into the country, who may enter, and who may remain in the United States.”   

Will Biagini

Will was born in Louisiana and raised in a military family. He currently serves as a journalist with Texas Scorecard. Previously, he was a senior correspondent for Campus Reform.