A massive security breach of the Mexican government unveiled documents from the Mexico Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena). The leaked documents, published online by a group called Guacamaya, reveal that the Mexican military has been supplying cartels with weapons.

According to the leaked documents “On May 31, 2019, the military offered operators of the criminal group (Tejupilco drug cartel) 70 fragmentation grenades at a cost of 26,000 pesos (1300.29 USD) each; the criminal cell confirmed the purchase of eight of them, which were delivered to Atlacomulco, State of Mexico.”

The document then explained that not only were cartel members offered weapons, they were given classified information by military personnel that disclosed in full detail information on armed forces mobility and operations.

Following the May 31 document was an intelligence report made on June 10 of the same year that revealed that Sedena had full knowledge of the exchange and refused to act on it

The revelation comes just weeks after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott designated Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations and as millions of illegal aliens have poured across the southern border since President Joe Biden took office.

In light of the Biden administration’s inaction, some members of Texas’ congressional delegation say the time has come for Texas to declare an invasion on the southern border.

“Not only are the United Nations, the Biden Administration, and U.S. nonprofits supporting the invasion of our southern border, now the Mexican military is arming the Cartels smuggling migrants with hand grenades,” U.S. Rep. Lance Gooden told Texas Scorecard. “I fully support declaring the border crisis an invasion and closing our border with Mexico until this coordinated onslaught of migrants is under control.”  

Rep. Chip Roy agreed.

“Texas is no doubt experiencing an invasion – carried out by dangerous cartels endangering Americans every day by flooding our country with humans beings and narcotics not just for profit, but for power. The Constitution of the U.S. makes very clear that a state can defend itself in the absence of the federal government taking action to do so,” said Roy.

“While the federal government refuses to faithfully execute the laws, and the Biden administration continues to deliberately decimate our national security, Texas can and must do everything in its power to put an end to this crisis,” he added.

Rep. Troy Nehls called the reports of the Mexican military selling weapons to the cartels “sinister, but not surprising.”

“I’ve said this many times, but what’s happening at our southern border is an invasion. Joe Biden is failing his constitutional duty as president to protect Americans against the national security threat at the border. Until he acts, things will only get worse.”

Rep. Pete Sessions also pointed towards the failure of the Biden administration, saying, “We believe this administration, from start to finish, has failed not only to follow the law but to also be transparent with the American people. They have allowed terrorists and drug cartels to enter this country with criminal intent. As a result, the entire country is left vulnerable to the predations of drug cartels.”

While Texas has yet to officially declare the surge across the border an invasion, 33 counties across the state have passed resolutions urging Gov. Abbott to do so. 

Brandon Waltens

Brandon serves as the Senior Editor for Texas Scorecard. After managing successful campaigns for top conservative legislators and serving as a Chief of Staff in the Texas Capitol, Brandon moved outside the dome in order to shine a spotlight on conservative victories and establishment corruption in Austin. @bwaltens

Soli Rice

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