Congressman Michael C. Burgess, a Republican representing Texas’ 26th Congressional District, is set to face a radical leftist in November.

Linsey Fagan, who is endorsed by left-leaning organizations Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress, as well as recently famous socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is not shy about her radical beliefs. In a recent interview with Splinter News, Fagan said she is a “total Bernie [Sanders] person, crazy Bernie person.”

Describing her political positions, Fagan says “expanding the Pell Grant program would be incredibly easy to do,” and “why bat an eye when we want to spend a trillion dollars a year on Medicare for all?” On the issue of healthcare, Fagan further added, “for me I don’t care how much healthcare would cost, I really don’t.”

Additionally, according to her campaign website, Fagan wants to “Secure a Living Wage, and Tie it to Inflation.” She also wants to implement a national assault weapons ban, a ban on high-capacity magazines, universal background checks (i.e. a national firearm registry), and enact amnesty by providing full citizenship all illegal aliens.

When asked what she thinks about President Donald Trump by the Dallas Morning News, Fagan provided a written response. She said in part, “There are a lot of families being torn apart and mothers of sick children are worried… oh yes and he keeps provoking a unstable dictator and that’s deeply concerning as well.”

According to the Cook Partisan Voting Index, TX-26 is an R+18 district, which means it is 18% more Republican than the country as a whole. Further, the district is rated by Cook as “Solid Republican.”

Still, voters would do well to educate themselves on Ms. Fagan’s radical policy positions.

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