Immigration is one of the top concerns for Americans according to a survey conducted by The Center for American Political Studies at Harvard University.

According to the survey, inflation and immigration are the top issues for voters—with concern for immigration increasing by 3 percent in the last month. Overall results found that President Joe Biden’s immigration approval rating reached 34 percent in June 2024; his highest ever approval rating for immigration was 46 percent in November of 2023.

When focusing specifically on immigration, 57 percent of voters said that the problem at the border was getting worse, and 74 percent said that the Biden administration should make it tougher to get into the U.S. illegally. Two in three voters believe the U.S. should increase the current level of border security, and nearly three in five say those who have crossed illegally in the last year should be removed.

Additionally, the survey list included several main issues that were caused by mass immigration, including a none of the above category. The top three issues caused by mass immigration according to voters are increase in violence/crime (57 percent); strain on resources such as healthcare, education, etc. (57 percent); and rise in homelessness (55 percent).

Overall, 79 percent of voters say that crimes committed by illegal aliens are a serious problem, and seven in ten think potential terrorists are slipping through the unsecured U.S. border.

When asked about Biden’s recent executive orders, over half of voters say Biden’s recent asylum ban is too little and too late and believe the decision was driven by electoral politics that will eventually be reversed—62 percent said that is was mainly intended to win votes ahead of the November election.

Most interestingly, when voters were asked the question: “Do you think the border today is secure, or are Democrats essentially keeping the border open?” 64 percent said that Democrats are keeping the border open.

This poll was conducted from June 28-30 following the June 27 presidential debate between Biden and former President Donald Trump.

Holly Tkach

Holly Tkach is a summer fellow at Texas Scorecard. She is a rising senior at Baylor University majoring in Political Science and Communication.