Stimulus $ tracking: does anyone care? - Texas Scorecard

“A Houston Chronicle review of the federal government’s distribution of $787 billion in economic stimulus money approved by Congress found that the highly touted Web site designed to let the public know how much of their tax money is going to their home congressional districts is misleading and statistically unreliable,” reports the Houston Chronicle.

The Chronicle story continues: “Instead of reflecting where federal stimulus money is creating jobs in each congressional district, the Obama administration’s Web site credits large blocks of stimulus cash as going to districts that are home to the government agencies that disperse the money — and not where the money is actually spent.

“But when the administration launched, the White House boasted that it would provide “unprecedented transparency about how recovery funds are being used — and increase accountability to guard against fraud, waste and abuse.”

“There are definitely problems comparing receipt of stimulus dollars,” says Michael Leachman, of the independent Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. “The administration’s approach does not reflect who is actually benefiting.”

The previous all comes from a Houston Chronicle story this weekend. The question it makes me want to ask you is this: Is anyone surprised?

But you and I know that the Kool-Aid drinkers will never notice, or care.

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Read the Chronicle story at here.