More than two dozen members of the Texas Legislature are calling on Congress to maintain the sales tax deduction for Texans on our federal income taxes. Unless Congress acts, we’ll again lose this important protection.

For many years, only people living in states with income taxes could deduct their tax load from their federal burden — effectively forcing Texans and the residents of eight other states to pay higher burdens. (An income tax is the worst possible revenue source for government, as every economist worth a warm cup of spit knows. Former Fed Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said as much in one of his final testimonies before Congress a few years ago.)

When sales tax deductibility was restored a few years ago, the Texas economy got an immediate, demonstrable boost, according to these members, with some $700 million staying in the Lone Star State.

(Read their letter.)

Signing the letter were:
Wayne Christian
Ken paxton
Bill Callegari
Dan Flynn
Linda Harper-Brown
Leo Berman
Frank Corte
Dan Gattis
Kelly Hancock
Patricia Harless
Will Hartnett
Bryan Highes
Phil King
Geanie Morrison
Corbin Van Arsdale
Charlie Howard
Jim Jackson
Thomas Latham
John Otto
Dan Patrick
David Swinford
Jim Murphy
Tan Parker
Larry Taylor
Beverly Wooley
Bill Zedler
John Zerwas

Michael Quinn Sullivan

Michael Quinn Sullivan is the publisher of Texas Scorecard. He is a native Texan, a graduate of Texas A&M, and an Eagle Scout. Previously, he has worked as a newspaper reporter, magazine contributor, Capitol Hill staffer, and think tank vice president. Michael and his wife have three adult children, a son-in-law, and a dog. Michael is the author of three books, including "Reflections on Life and Liberty."