Speaking at a GOP fundraiser in Houston, U.S. Rep. James Comer blasted Joe Biden as “the most corrupt politican… in the history of our country.”

“The investigation that I think is turning out to prove that what we have in the White House, with this family, is not only a great shining example of public corruption, I think that what we have with this president and his family is the most corrupt politician, in the highest level, that we have had in the history of our country,” said Comer, a Republican from Kentucky who chairs the House Committee on Oversight.

“What we learned over the last 8 months is that there are about 30 companies, I would argue shell companies,” explained Comer. “[And] the only income going through some of these shell companies were wire transfers between other shell companies. I have a bank background and we call that money laundering.”

Comer clarified that there were not 150 suspicious activity reports on the Biden family, as officially reported, but over 250 suspicious activity reports. He believes the Biden family has more suspicious activity reports, “than any family in the history of America.”

He reported that there are two main points to come out of this investigation: the Biden family’s corruption and the cover-up by the federal government through federal agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Justice, and the National Archives.

Comer said these agencies have lied to the American people and expended extensive resources and time to cover up obvious public corruption. He said these agencies and their leaders must be held accountable.

He also highlighted hypocrisy, stating, “Biden doubled the size of the IRS to go after tax cheats, remember this, there is not a bigger tax cheat in America than the Biden Family.”

Comer says there will be criminal referrals next year on the Biden family, which will be effective until the next administration takes office. 

According to Comer, this is why Republicans must win back the White House in 2024.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick focused on what Texas can contribute, stating, “We are a leader in almost everything in America and the world depends on a strong America and America depends on a strong Texas.”

“Texas will not be strong unless the Republican Party is led by conservatives,” added Patrick, hinting at the current battles within the GOP over issues such as school choice.   

Patrick closed by saying that the reason 1,000 people per day move to Texas is because Texas is what America used to be. He emphasized to the audience to remember that the future is yet to be written and it will be dependent in large part on what is done in Texas. 

Larry Kaifesh

Larry Kaifesh is a retired Colonel in the Marine Corps with 28 years of service and seven combat deployments to the Middle East after the attacks of 9-11. He is committed to truth and transparency, the fuel for a civilized society.