The health of our Republic depends upon having government which is so limited in its powers that citizens live within an environment of freedom of action. Our government was constituted to do things which enhance and protect our Liberty, not restrict our freedom under the guise of providing for us.

Most in this audience well understand how wrong, dangerous, and pervasive the move toward a socialist nanny-state is. You worry about our country. Most of you are the highly responsible in society in all ways including that you vote.

But how did we get to this point. How did we end up with several generations who, on balance, have little to no respect for our Constitution; understanding of the Rule of Law, and; are hostile to the basic principles of our founding? It’s not just the urban-poor (or pick your group) who are know-nothings, it is high earning folk with college degrees.

We got here because the Left intentionally wormed their way into every part of our local, state and national education systems. It began with higher education in the 1920’s in order to subtly change what is taught to those who would then populate the faculties of public schools. By the 1970’s the Left had so solidified their control over public education that massive changes began to be implemented which undermined the respect for, and understanding of, our basic principles and institutions. The push continues today almost unabated.

And yet every day, patriotic Americans turn and look the other way when it comes to public schools and their favorite colleges. We wonder what’s happened to our country but refuse to recognize the battlefield on which the enemy is most engaged in effective destruction of all that is right.

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