The Harris County Commissioners Court unanimously approved the appointment of Dr. Cody Pyke, a biological male who identifies as a woman, to Harris Health’s board of trustees despite Pyke’s comments rejecting child protection legislation.

After the Texas Legislature approved a measure to outlaw gender mutilation and chemical castration for children suffering from gender identity disorder, and Gov. Greg Abbott signed the measure, Pyke took to Twitter to oppose the legislation. He called the measure “deplorable” and claimed, “[M]y State sees people like me as a problem to be eradicated.”

Precinct 4 Democrat Commissioner Lesley Briones spearheaded Pyke’s appointment, saying Pyke’s “experience as a nonbinary transgender woman will bring a needed perspective to the Board, as we strive to create a more equitable and inclusive healthcare system in Harris County.”

As a member of the board of trustees, Dr. Pyke is one of nine members overseeing Harris County’s $2.3 billion taxpayer-funded government healthcare system.

While the Harris County Commissioners Court celebrated the appointment, others aren’t too certain about the prudence of placing someone suffering from a gender identity disorder in a top health position.

Brady Gray with Texas Family Project told Texas Scorecard, “It is unconscionable to think a board meant to govern policy decisions of an institution as large as Harris Health would appoint to its board an individual celebrating their mental illness.”

Gray also addressed Pyke’s opposition to legislation banning child mutilation.

“Further, the 88th Legislative Session saw members make the commonsense decision to ban the barbaric practice of genital mutilation of minors. This decision should be one celebrated by the medical community at large. Sadly, however, Dr. Pyke has been a vocal advocate against this life-saving legislation,” said Gray.

The legislation to outlaw child gender mutilation goes into effect on September 1.

Micah Rice

A summer writing fellow for Texas Scorecard, Micah has an interest in spreading the truth about Texas politics.