Hey, did you know there’s a war on women being waged in Texas?  The media says so, leftists in orange shirts say so, the Democrat Twitterati say so.  Must be true.

In the last several weeks, a woman has taken up her pink shoes and declared that she speaks for all Texas women, indeed all women everywhere, and her acolytes have propelled her to absurd heights for her efforts.  She’s come to her fame by way of a social issue, divisive even within party ranks on both sides.  There’s even talk that she may run for governor (uh, good luck with that).  And regardless of where you stand on the issue of life, I would like to remind everyone – Wendy Davis does not speak for all Texans.

Her relatively short time in the Texas Senate has been marked by a drastic opposition to fiscal responsibility and government accountability at every turn.  She’s voted repeatedly in favor of unaccountable draining of the Rainy Day Fund, against responsible short-term budget cuts in salaries and hiring practice, in favor of eliminating elected offices in favor of appointed commissions, in favor of tax hikes on the oil and gas industry.  She opposed a bill in 2011 that would have required state agencies to report on the costs of implementing Obamacare, showing that blind loyalty to an absurd national policy meant more than how much it would ultimately impact her own constituents.

These things represent a more serious war on women, and indeed a war on the future of our state.  A robust economy, a small and less intrusive government, low taxes on individuals and on businesses – these benefit women as directly as anyone in our society.  Women, who earn more bachelor degrees, who drive household economic decisions, who are increasingly members of the workplace and breadwinners in their turn, are affected directly by the fiscal decisions made in Austin.  As full participants in the political arena as well as the economy, women are the first to suffer when taxes go up at all levels.  Punitive regulations on small businesses – on any business – keep women from entrepreneurship, keep wages down, and keep costs of goods and services high.  A war on fiscal responsibility is a war on women – and the Wendy Davises of the Texas Legislature are standard-bearers in that war.

In short, Senator Davis is utterly opposed to the policies that have made Texas a stand-out state in the midst of a national fiscal downturn.  She is the embodiment of her party’s most extreme positions.  It’s hard to imagine she speaks for most of the people in Senate District 10, much less the entire state.

Now, I’d say the polls alone should discourage a serious run at statewide office for Davis or really any of her cohorts.  But just in case, let’s not forget what they stand for: the destruction of the Texas economy at the expense of today’s taxpayers and generations beyond.


A Barn Burner Week For Texas Conservatives

Grassroots candidates are closing with positive messages while the moderates continue with numerous last minute attacks. The Texas GOP is also meeting this week to make some big decisions.