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Sense Prevails in Northside ISD

Remember this, the microchip I.D. program being tested in Northside ISD in San Antonio? A quick refresher from the November 2012 AP story: Starting [Fall 2012], the fourth-largest school district in Texas is experimenting with “locator” chips in student ID badges on two of its campuses, allowing administrators to track the whereabouts of 4,200 students […]

By |July 16, 2013
The Actual War on Women in Texas

Hey, did you know there’s a war on women being waged in Texas?  The media says so, leftists in orange shirts say so, the Democrat Twitterati say so.  Must be true. In the last several weeks, a woman has taken up her pink shoes and declared that she speaks for all Texas women, indeed all […]

By |July 9, 2013
Legislators Should Say No to State Version of Ledbetter Act

When Barack Obama became president, the first bill he signed into law was one that validated the concerns of misguided leftist feminists (I know, that seems awfully repetitive).  The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act changed the way disputes over discriminatory pay can be litigated, though it was found to only apply federally, and not in […]

By |May 9, 2013
A Scoreboard the Size of a House in Weslaco ISD

Here we are, the legislative session finally winding down, and most of think we’ll be able to take a breather and loosen the grip on our wallets.  Well, not so fast, folks, because government doesn’t really take a break – it’s just a matter of which government is pecking when. Case in point:  Weslaco ISD, […]

By |May 6, 2013
House Ways and Means Needs to Act on CAB Bills

Local government debt is a problem. Every time someone says that, a well-meaning local politician from a small town appears, waving his hand in the air to get your attention.  “Not here!” he says, urgently.  “Not in our town!” Maybe not, in his town.  But local government debt IS a problem, the kind that spreads […]

By |April 29, 2013
Clock Ticking Against Transparency

It has been noted far and wide that the Texas House is moving slower than molasses in January this session.  Here we are, mid-April, and the House calendar for Thursday, April 18 features just 7 second-reading bills and 7 third-reading bills – though many, many more on “local and consent.”  While not a bad thing […]

By |April 17, 2013
Session's Big Gambling Bill Introduced - SJR 64

Sneaky, sneaky.  Though the bill filing deadline has passed and the real work of session is in full swing, Senator John Carona (R-Dallas) managed to get permission to file SJR 64, a constitutional amendment to create the Texas Gaming Commission and authorizing casino gaming. Read the first part of the caption: Proposing a constitutional amendment providing […]

By |March 21, 2013
Open Season on ISD Taxpayer Wallets Begins

‘Tis that time of year again, when school district trustees make the all-important decision to send bond questions to the ballot box.  The next available election date is May 11, so mark your calendar now. Austin ISD is so far leading the hunt (far and away) with four bond proposals totaling $892 million.  This is […]

By |February 26, 2013