Restore Justice today announced that Lawrence Jones will be traveling across Texas discussing the need for criminal justice reform.

Lawrence B. Jones III

Lawrence B. Jones III

“Texans have taken important steps in bringing needed reforms to the state’s criminal justice system,” said Jones, who will serve as Restore Justice’s spokesperson and director. “More needs to be done to ensure we have an efficient system that serves the people and not the bureaucracy.”

The organization’s mission is to inform and engage citizens about reforms that will create a justice system that primarily serves citizens, not government. The priority issues of the organization are over-criminalization, transparency in the criminal justice process, and civil asset forfeiture.

Curtailing the practice of over-criminalization is needed to ensure that the punishment fits the crime. Non-violent crimes should be treated differently than violent crimes. And judges should be allowed to make decisions on a case-by-case basis, based on the facts and not arbitrary mandates.

Greater transparency is needed surrounding the judicial rationale for sentencing. Citizens should have access to public records without having to jump over hurdles and obstructions.

Restore Justice will also focus on reforming the widely abused process called civil asset forfeiture.
“Courts shouldn’t be able to take property without due process. And when there are legitimate cases, it shouldn’t be used to create government slush funds. Neither the government nor its agents should benefit financially from crime,” said Jones.

The Dallas-based Restore Justice is a project of Empower Texans.

“We’re excited to launch this criminal justice reform conversation,” said Empower Texans’ president, Michael Quinn Sullivan. “Like all other areas of government, our justice system should be held to high standards of sound fiscal policy, and help restore communities by making decisions that empower citizens.”

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