Texas Scorecard has previously documented the self-described “vulgar Marxist” views of Jacob Aronowitz, the field director for Democrat Austin City Councilmember Jimmy Flannigan’s re-election campaign. These views include Aronowitz’s anti-law enforcement sentiments and repeated accusations of his political opponents’ alleged “Nazidom.” Now, Aronowitz is back.

In a recent online discussion with fellow leftists, Aronowitz revealed where the current runoff for Austin City Council District 6 (far-northwest Austin) fits in with his long-term plans:

“[A] big piece you either don’t know or are intentionally ignoring is that comrades and I have formed a campaign workers’ union, and we work on & run these campaigns as organized workers with class consciousness and a plan for revolutionary change,” wrote Aronowitz.

“Organizing workers where they are & educating them about socialism through struggle on the shop floor are basically the fundamentals of revolutionary leftist organizing,” he continued.

“Already… we exert considerable political influence at least locally,” he added. “Does that mean we have the power to elect explicit leftists to every branch of local government? Well, not yet, but quite obviously, we are much further along toward building a base of militated workers than quite a few socialists in the city. Our union is strong, radical, and growing.”

The “campaign workers’ union” to which Aronowitz referred is a company called Collective Campaigns, which works on behalf of candidates on the furthest left fringe of the Democrat Party. The group has had minimal success outside of Austin-area Travis County.

Aronowitz’s thoughts aren’t surprising, and they follow the leftist strategy of “the long march through the institutions,” long advocated by harmful ideologues such as domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, crisis orchestrators Cloward and Piven, and early 20th century Italian Marxist and Communist leader Antonio Gramsci.

What is noteworthy, however, is that an elected official finds Aronowitz’s sentiments acceptable.

Of course, Aronowitz’s boss has his own history of radicalism. Texas Scorecard has documented how Councilmember Flannigan has pursued a far-left economic agenda while gaslighting the public with claims of fiscal responsibility. He has voted to repeatedly raise taxes on citizens, defund the local police (even suggesting demolishing their downtown headquarters), funnel citizens’ money toward killing pre-born children, and allow lawlessness among the city’s homeless individuals, which has increased violent crime in the city.

Flannigan has also demonstrated contempt for beloved Texas institutions.

Flannigan faces pro-taxpayer candidate Mackenzie Kelly in the runoff election for Austin City Council District 6. Early voting starts on Thursday and runs through December 11, with Election Day on December 15.

Adam Cahn

Adam is a longtime conservative activist and an avid UT and Yankees fan.


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