More details have been uncovered in Austin Independent School District’s weeklong celebration of hazardous sexual behaviors and gender confusion.

The Situation

Previously, Texas Scorecard revealed Austin ISD’s “Pride Week” (March 21-26) promoted LGBT sexual conduct to school children and taught them “trans” ideology, the idea that you can turn into whatever biological sex or creature you feel like.

Lesson plans included “Coming Out and Pronouns Days” for middle-schoolers, and teaching children as young as 5 that they can be “trans” and “non-binary.” Activities included “pride parades” in elementary school and “community circles”— teacher-led conversations with kids about LGBT behaviors, where children as young as 4 were instructed to not repeat anything from the discussions (district officials later tried to walk back the instruction after the plans went viral online).

AISD finished off the week with a districtwide “Pride Out” party featuring scantily clad drag queen performances and “pride” paraphernalia (including “pronoun buttons”).

New AISD curriculum documents obtained by the Texas Freedom Coalition revealed the district also encouraged teachers to set up “activist tables” in their classrooms—to get students to write and call elected officials about LGBT issues—as well as a “Tik Tok or Selfie Station to show support for an LGBTQ+ cause.”

The district also added a proposed PowerPoint presentation of “LGBT History” for kids, celebrating individuals for their deviant sexual behaviors. The slides praised the Austin City Council’s 2014 decision to make single-stall bathrooms “all gender restrooms,” which ignored the scientific reality of two biological sexes.

Furthermore, the district provided links to sexual deviancy organizations such as GLSEN and Learning for Justice—which instruct school officials how to promote those sexual behaviors to children—and suggested several LGBT books to “build an inclusive library on your campus.”

One book geared toward younger children, titled “Be Who You Are,” encourages them disregard their true biological self and pretend to be the opposite sex, while “Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation” promotes surgically mutilating your body to appear like the opposite sex (even calling it a “medical necessity” for those who really want it).

“Maybe I’ll someday have the time and resources [for genital surgery], but putting vagino-plasty at the top of my personal Must-Have list would be a path to madness,” the book reads. “Besides, my anecdotal understanding of the process is that the larger the penis, the deeper the vagina, and the greater the overall chance of the surgery being successful, since there’s more raw material to work with. Ivory probably has a great one by now. I’m rather lacking raw material, so it’s maybe not meant to be, and that’s okay. I’m not a boy because I have a penis, and just because I don’t have a vagina doesn’t mean I’m not a girl.”

Austin ISD officials have also faced backlash for their controversial sex-ed curriculum in classrooms throughout the normal school year. As previously reported, that curriculum instructs the same ideologies and included role-playing scenarios for students that involve anal sex, oral sex, and a situation where an underage girl has a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old that she hides from her parents.

The Consequences

Outside of the classroom, the LGBT ideology is wreaking havoc on children and adults across the state. One example of this is in the case of 9-year-old Dallas-area boy James Younger, whose mother told him he was a girl and wanted to force him (against his father’s wishes) to take sterilizing cross-sex hormone drugs and eventually be castrated.

Furthermore, men who engage in homosexual activity are at a significantly high risk of contracting serious diseases. According to the CDC, of the 1.2 million Americans in 2018 who had HIV (an incurable virus that develops into AIDS), more than 740,000 were men who had relations with men.

Meanwhile, according to Texas Education Agency numbers, Austin ISD’s ability to teach math and reading to children—particularly economically disadvantaged kids—is failing.

“Why are you so desperate to talk to kids about sex and confuse them about their gender? It’s creepy,” wrote citizen news page Libs of Tik Tok.

“Meanwhile, @AustinISD has some of the lowest reading and math proficiencies in Central Texas,” one individual posted.

“I guess teaching English and math are too much for this district,” another wrote.

Jacob Asmussen

Jacob Asmussen is a Senior Journalist for Texas Scorecard. He attended the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and in 2017 earned a double major in public relations and piano performance.