AUSTIN — Which is better, funding local police or killing children? At least one city councilmember in Texas’ capital city unquestionably prefers the latter.

Austin City Councilman Greg Casar, a self-proclaimed socialist, this week proposed cutting as much as $123 million from the Austin Police Department and spending the money on various city projects—including killing pre-born children. Casar suggested spending $500,000 of citizens’ money over the next two years on the “priority” of “abortion access.”

Casar said killing babies will make Austin a “safer and better place to live.”

“I appreciate the leadership from everyone on these priorities,” Casar wrote Monday to his fellow councilmembers on the city’s online message board. “These investments will make us a safer and better place to live.”

The all-Democrat city council has already long been putting citizens’ money toward killing pre-born children. For decades, they have given Planned Parenthood a special $1-a-year lease deal on prime real estate near downtown; and over the past several months, they have forced citizens to pay $150,000 for logistical costs of killing local citizens, such as rides to abortion facilities, hotel rooms, and ironically, childcare while a baby brother or sister was being put to death.

One of the organizations the council forces citizens to pay is called Jane’s Due Process, which specifically assists underage girls in killing their babies.

Citizens reacted strongly to Casar’s latest proposal of taking money from police to instead kill the city’s most vulnerable citizens.

“Apparently in Austin, Black Pre-Born Lives don’t matter,” one citizen tweeted.

“Look closely he’s wanting to take money from APD and put it towards abortion access,” tweeted former police officer Dennis Farris. “I’m not going to debate abortion with anyone but trying to figure out how that helps keep ATX safe?”

Farris, who’s on the board of the Austin Police Retired Officers Association, also said Casar’s over $100 million in cuts to the police—over a quarter of the department’s budget—would endanger citizens.

“These cuts proposed by @GregCasar are not only dangerous to the safety of ATX. They aim to undermine the city charter/Gov code 143 and the contract the city entered into in good faith with [the police officer’s union],” Farris said.

As part of the at least $100 million in cuts, Casar and other councilmembers have proposed removing 100 vacant sworn police positions, canceling the upcoming cadet class, closing the police academy for a year, cutting the department’s overtime budget, cutting the bomb squad’s budget, and even demolishing the police headquarters building downtown.

And while dismantling much of the department, how better to use police money than to instead kill innocent, vulnerable citizens?

The city council is continuing to discuss police budget cuts and abortion spending this week and will begin finalizing the upcoming city budget over the next few weeks.

Concerned citizens can contact the city council.

Jacob Asmussen

Jacob Asmussen is a Senior Journalist for Texas Scorecard. He attended the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and in 2017 earned a double major in public relations and piano performance.


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