HD54's Jimmie Don Aycock

HD54’s Jimmie Don Aycock

State Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock, with his over-the-top whining guest column in the Texas Tribune in which he yammered on about how unfair it was for conservative-leaning legislative watchdog groups to rate his brand of conservatism poorly, demonstrated himself to be little more than a pillock with a big title.

Not only did he make unsupported assertions which demonstrated ignorance such as equating being a Baptist Sunday School teacher with an automatic “pro-life” conservative philosophy, he tried to take ownership of the term conservative for himself and his other demonstrably less than conservative brethren on the Speaker Straus-team.

The pillock of a state rep. who Straus made chairman of the House public education committee seems to be unaware that it was Speaker Straus who declared himself a non-conservative by choosing the label “moderate” for self-description. Aycock is offended that conservative groups dare disagree with his definition of conservatism and believes conservatives to be humbugging his constituents by pointing out his record in the Texas House.

SD31's Kel Seliger

SD31’s Kel Seliger

That Aycock doesn’t understand why he’s not seen as conservative and confuses what it means makes him a pillock. But claiming he’s the real conservative in the House shows a penchant for self-serving dishonesty. Rice’s Baker Institute professor Mark Jones’ academic study of the Legislature puts Aycock in the most non-conservative third of the House GOP caucus.

I find it distasteful that Texas men-with-power such as Rep. Aycock and Sen. Seliger, who previously authored a similar guest column elsewhere, are so feeble they are moved to write lame columns decrying the unfairness of being criticized.

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