Congress is set to vote on “Cap and Trade” legislation that many Texas officials are rightly speaking out against. It will cap Texas’ growth and trade away our prosperity.

Comptroller Susan Combs is asking that the U.S. House take a closer look at the ramifications of such a measure on Texas’ economy. According to Combs output is projected to drop by 1.6 percent, or $25 billion, in 2030.

This bill is going to cap our growth causing the cost of living to rise while employment drops, and the trade is allowing other nations to grow their economies while we languish.

Taxpayer Champion State Rep. Ken Paxton of McKinney noted in an e-mail to his constituents, “Washington, D.C. should follow our lead and promote policies that allow businesses to thrive without additional regulatory burdens that lead to job loss and increased prices.”

For more information on how this legislation will impact Texas check out the new Cap and Trade website set up by Comptroller Combs.

Daniel Greer

Daniel Greer is the Director of Innovation for Texas Scorecard.


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