Dallas’ homeless Czar is looking to increase the size of his kingdom with a $40 million expenditure. The Dallas Morning News is reporting on a plan that would construct up to 700 homes for the homeless.

The price tag includes the cost of constructing the new homes, running the taxpayers about $20 million, and an additional $16.8 million to outfit them with needed social services.

What’s the end-game for these houses? You would be wrong if you assumed they were a stop on the road to independence for Dallas’ indigent. No, the homes are designed to keep long-term homeless people stably dependent on your support.

While discussing the new permanent housing czar Mike Rawlings offered up this gem, “the biggest myth is that homeless people don’t want a home.”

Of course they want a home; he just doesn’t want them to pay for it. And that’s where Dallas’ taxpayer dollars come in handy.

With Texans struggling to pay ever-increasing property taxes, this program is even harder to swallow – as those same taxpayers will bear the brunt of not only the construction but long-term care and upkeep. A better effort would be to press for lower taxes that provide greater economic opportunity and lower barriers to entering the housing market.

Daniel Greer

Daniel Greer is the Director of Innovation for Texas Scorecard.


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