North Texas citizens continue leading the fight against local tyranny in local school districts. By hiring Andrew Yeager at the ballot on Tuesday, the pro-citizen coalition on the board of the Carroll Independent School District (CISD) grows to three out of seven seats.

By a whopping 64-35 percent majority, CISD citizens elected Yeager to replace Trustee David Almand, who retired in July. Yeager will have to face voters again when Almand’s term expires in March 2022.

“The majority spoke and WE spoke loud!!” Brent Meurer commented.

“A great night for the students, parents, and citizens of Southlake!” Jamie Wooldridge exclaimed.

“Tonight, voters in Southlake once again voted overwhelmingly to reject Critical Race Theory and Socialist ideas, while strongly supporting American exceptionalism,” stated Tim O’Hare, candidate for Tarrant County Judge in the Republican primary. “Proud to be part of the effort.”

CISD’s Recent Anti-citizen History

Since last summer, CISD has been an ongoing flashpoint in the nationwide battle between parents and the education establishment. It started last year when parents learned CISD school board trustees were going to implement a controversial Cultural Competence Action Plan. The CCAP would—among other things—create an LGBTQ+ student focus group and a system where students could report each other for “microaggressions.” It would also cost taxpayers nearly $1.5 million.

It took CISD citizen Kristen Garcia getting a temporary restraining order from Judge Josh Burgess last November to successfully halt CCAP. CISD Trustees Michelle Moore and Todd Carlton were indicted this April for allegedly violating the Texas Open Meetings Act while discussing CCAP.

Later, allegations emerged that CISD elementary teacher Rickie Farah and two other teachers reprimanded a student for showing her parents a book from the classroom library. The book in question is titled “This Book Is Anti-Racist,” and the parents, who asked to remain anonymous, objected to the material. Farah is also alleged to have told the student she couldn’t take classroom library books home without permission.

After the CISD administration took no action, citizens successfully pressured a majority of CISD trustees to request Farah be reprimanded on October 4. Less than two weeks later, NBC promoted an edited audio clip of an October 8 teacher training session attended by Farah’s co-workers; the training was on which books teachers can have in their classroom libraries.

Yeager Victory

Yeager, a media sales director, campaigned on “Students First, Sound Fiscal Policies” and supporting teachers. Another campaign slogan of his is to “Make School Board Meetings Boring Again.” He joins pro-citizen Trustees Hannah Smith and Cam Bryan, who were elected earlier this year.

“When you work hard and have the best policies, good things happen,” Marilyn Rapp wrote.

Stephanie Williams’ platform was to “ensure all students feel safe and welcome at school,” to have a “student-centered school board,” and “to protect public education.” She has indicated she may run against Yeager again in March. “We aren’t done yet and will continue on with a new focus on filling the seat in the spring stronger and more committed than ever,” she stated.

Robert Montoya

Born in Houston, Robert Montoya is an investigative reporter for Texas Scorecard. He believes transparency is the obligation of government.