After a group in Arlington held an LGBT ‘Pride’ event, another group in Fort Worth hosted a similar event where children were seen dancing alongside drag performers. 

The Trinity Pride Fest, sponsored by the non-profit organization Visit Fort Worth—which is funded at least in part by the City of Fort Worth—held the event at the city’s Magnolia Green Park.

The Dallas Express attended the event and took videos and photos showing people walking around in BDSM puppy masks and men cross-dressing as women.

Photos from The Dallas Express also show one of the vendor booths selling paintings depicting gender mutilation surgeries. One photographed painting depicted scars on a woman’s chest after she had her breasts surgically removed.

At the event, one booth promoted ‘LGBT’ books geared towards children. A book featured was ‘Donovan’s Big Day,’ a story about a young boy who is a ringbearer at his two moms’ wedding.

One booth sold clay pots shaped into buttocks while another sold memorabilia in rainbow colors. 

The Texas Family Project also attended the event, capturing videos of young children dancing alongside drag performers. One child could be seen handing money to the performer.

Visit Fort Worth volunteers could be seen passing out “Y’all Means All” stickers. 

The Dallas Express previously obtained documents about the group and found that Visit Fort Worth received $18,313,997 from the City of Fort Worth’s Public Events, Culture, and Tourism account. The organization also has a history of promoting drag shows that have allowed minors to attend.

Texas Family Project President Brady Gray told Texas Scorecard that it’s time for citizens to demand their leaders put an end to these sexualized events

“Extreme sexual content, indecent clothing, drag performances, and comments that ‘it’s ok to go to Hell’ were just a few of the many obscene and evil things in public display at Trinity Pride,” said Gray. “This taxpayer-subsidized event included children dancing along with grown men in revealing women’s clothing and members of the demonic group the Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. Not only did Fort Worth allow this event and subsidize it with tax-payer dollars, but there was also an award presented to its organizers by members of the city council and a state representative (who chose to bring her granddaughter to the event).”

“It is time for Texans to take a stand and demand that cities, counties, and the state put an end to these events,” added Gray.

Texas Scorecard reached out to the City of Fort Worth but did not receive a response by publication. 

Emily Medeiros

Emily graduated from the University of Oklahoma majoring in Journalism. She is excited to use her research and writing skills to report on important issues around Texas.