As others have noted, Shelley Luther reopened in Dallas today, in spite of the overlords of Dallas who would prefer that she just lose money and go bankrupt.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins sent a letter demanding that she close. Also, the Dallas police gave her a citation for $50 to $1,000 and up to 180 days in jail.

Dallas is broken, but if enough people contact these officials, it would change.

It doesn’t take ANY MONEY to do this, but it will take about 30 minutes to send emails and phone calls to the following members of the Dallas Commissioners Court and the Dallas City Council.

The Dallas Commissioners Court includes:

  1. Clay Jenkins,
  2. Dr. Theresa Daniel,
  3. J.J. Koch,
  4. John W Price,
  5. Dr. Elba Garcia,

The Dallas City Council includes a mayor and 14 districts. I’ve listed them below, along with good contact information:

Mayor Eric Johnson, 214.670.3301

  1. Chad West,, 214-671-8917
  2. Adam Medrano,, 214-670-417
  3. Casey Thomas,, 214-670-0777
  4. Carolyn King Arnold,, 214-671-9347
  5. Jaime Resendez,, 214-670-4052
  6. Omar Narvaez,, 214-670-6931
  7. Adam Bazaldua,, 214-670-4689
  8. Tennell Atkins,, 214-670-0779
  9. Paula Blackmon,, 214-671-8916
  10. Adam McGough,, 214-670-4068
  11. Lee M. Kleinman,, 214-671-8920
  12. Cara Mendelsohn,, 214-671-8921
  13. Jennifer Staubach Gates,, 214-670-7057
  14. David Blewett,, 214-670-5415

The really sad part is that Dallas is only a step ahead of most cities. We urge citizens who have never made a call like this to do so.

The email or call does not need to be long. Something like:

“Dallas should stop prosecuting small businesses like Shelley Luther’s salon and focus on stopping actual crime where people get hurt.”

Or, “If Dallas is allowing people to huddle in liquor stores and Walmart, it should allow salons run by people who are trained to keep their instruments sterile and are operating safely to continue unmolested.”

Make it one paragraph or less. Tell them that this is the first time that you have made such a call (if true). Tell them that you are a registered voter and these actions have convinced you that you will start voting in city elections.

Elected officials fear one thing—waking up the 90 percent of voters who never vote in local elections. If you don’t, you should start. As many people are starting to learn, these people can damage you more than any Congress member.

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Warren Norred

Warren Norred is an attorney in Arlington, Texas.


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