Don’t rest so easy just because we have an awesome sheriff in Tarrant. There are things you should know about the Tarrant County Commissioners Court.

First, a quick lesson. The commissioners court consists of four commissioners and a county judge. The judge is not a judicial position. He’s basically the mayor of the county. Likewise, the court is not a legal proceeding, but more like a city council meeting for a county.

Even though we are now freed by an awesome sheriff who will not enforce the mask mandate, the commissioners court, including the judge, still need to be held accountable for creating the mandate in the first place.

Yes, I know they will play the shell game on you. Gary Fickes, for example, said he was against the mandate but that it was out of his hands because it was a mandate from County Judge Glen Whitley.

But guess what … county judges speak for the commissioners. The commissioners have the power to override the county judge if they choose to.

Even Whitley himself said the commissioners can review the order at any time and have the power to end it. So when Fickes and the others on the court tell you they can’t do anything, they are lying.

They are weak.
They are not leaders.
They are merely filling a job in the easiest possible way because they are scared and lazy.

When a leader sees something is wrong and he is the one person in a position to fix it, he does not throw up his hands in defeat and say he can’t do anything. I can think of lots of things he could try.

Push back privately against Whitley.
If that doesn’t work, push back publicly.
If that doesn’t work, encourage voters to push back.
If that doesn’t work, encourage voters to push back against the other commissioners so that those commissioners will join you in pushing back against the judge.

Supposedly, Fickes is the only commissioner against the mandate, but what if he led the charge calling on citizens to change the minds of the other commissioners? Can’t he use his title and name recognition to fight instead of just falling in line?

I’m not a commissioner, and I just came up with half of a dozen ideas. Why is Fickes even in this role? How is he qualified to be a leader? Hint: he’s not.

But it’s not just Fickes. We used to have Andy H. Nguyen, who was amazing, but Arlington voted in Devan Allan. Seems to me they can just as easily vote her out if needed. And yes, it’s needed.

The bottom line is that every single one of the commissioners should be held accountable, including the county judge. Give ’em an earful! You can find all of their contact information here:

Tarrant County Judge, Glen Whitley
Online contact form:…/coun…/contact-us-form.html
Phone: 817-884-1441

Tarrant County Commissioners
Precinct 1 – Roy Charles Brooks
Precinct 2 – Devan Allen
Precinct 3 – Gary Fickes
Precinct 4 – J.D. Johnson
Phone: 817-884-1111 or 817-884-1195

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Julie McCarty

Julie is the CEO of True Texas Project. She has been featured multiple times on FOX News with Greta Van Susteren, particularly when NETTP filed a lawsuit against the IRS (and won), and she’s a favorite target for the liberal media to hate.