Dear citizens of Tarrant County,

Imagine that your child was sick, and you decided to take them to the hospital for treatment. Now, imagine that very hospital—instead of treating your child—called Child Protective Services (CPS). A judge then rubber-stamps a court order allowing CPS to come into your home and go through all your personal belongings and interrogate your family.

Now, imagine the worst-case scenario: CPS rips your child from your arms and takes them to a foster family without any explanation.  It is easy to think that this would never happen to your family, but that is exactly what happened to the Pardo Family with their son Drake. This case did NOT take place in Tarrant County because if it had, it would have never happened in this way. Why? We have a constitutionalist Republican judge sitting on the bench that handles the majority of CPS cases, Judge Alex Kim of the 323rd District Court.

This could be changing…

On February 20, at 12:15 p.m. at the Tarrant County Family Law Courthouse, there will be an open hearing. Its goal is to try to take CPS cases from Judge Kim’s court and distribute them downtown.

America just finished watching the Democrat’s attempt to usurp our choice for president, a concerted and ongoing effort to undermine President Trump.

Tarrant County faces a similar usurpation of our choice for the 323rd District Court. Judge Alex Kim is the duly elected judge of this court with the purpose of hearing criminal juvenile cases and the lion’s share of Tarrant County’s CPS cases.

It is no secret that CPS and private groups like CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) are not fans of Judge Kim solely based on agenda, not fact. They fought against him through his candidacy, have continued after Kim took the bench, and have had an organized campaign to remove him from office. Sound familiar?

Judge Kim has transformed the 323rd in just one year on the bench. He has taken the length of CPS cases from an average of 500 days in 2017 to just over 275 days in 2019. That is a 45 percent decrease in the time it takes from the filing of a case to its trial date. This is good for the court’s efficiency, the children’s safety, and for CPS workloads. These facts are in direct opposition to the claims that Judge Kim cannot handle the burden of CPS cases in his court. The reason for removing these cases from his court simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

So, why the ire from CPS and CASA?

It is simple. Judge Alex Kim follows the law. He will not rubber-stamp CPS removals or home invasions. He requires the legal burden of proof from CPS—this little thing called the Fourth Amendment and hundreds of years of the American justice system.

Judge Kim earned this target on his back when he signed a restraining order saving the life of baby Tinslee, set to be killed by the very hospital from which she was receiving care. Cook Children’s then went on to sue Judge Kim and have him recused from the case. Why? Because he was too pro-life.

Under pressure from CPS, CASA, and Cook Children’s, activist judges in Tarrant County are going after a duly elected judge that not only follows the law but does it efficiently, with the safety of all children in mind.

Judge Kim and the children of Tarrant County need your presence on February 20 at 12:15 p.m. at the Tarrant County Family Law Courthouse, located at 200 E. Weatherford St., Fort Worth, for the hearing. We must send a message to the committee overseeing that hearing that we support Judge Kim and the excellent job he has done on the bench.

The committee is made up of the following judges: Judith Wells, Mollee Westfall, and David Evans. All of the district judges in Tarrant County will have a vote.

Right now, these judges are hiding their heads in the sand and buckling under the pressure of CPS, CASA, and Cook Children’s. They need to be reminded that it was the citizens of Tarrant County that voted for them as well as Judge Kim. We need numbers! We are calling all Tarrant County citizens to action to attend this open meeting in support of Judge Kim and voice our objections to activist judges overturning the election of our beloved judge.

Will you stand for what is right?

Blessings in Liberty,

Joel Starnes

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Joel Starnes

Joel Starnes is the executive director and founder of the Organization for American Values and a co-owner of Campaign Engineering Strategies.


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