Will Keller City Council declare abortion to be murder and prevent the abortion industry from doing business within their city’s jurisdiction?

Join me in encouraging Keller to protect innocent life. Cities are within their constitutional rights to self-governance—and within the scope of current U.S. Supreme Court abortion jurisprudence—to adopt such an ordinance.

There are those that are already hiding behind the taxpayer cost of having to legally defend such a measure. I would first ask what is the price of human life worth. Then I would provide assurances that there are organizations like Texas Right to Life prepared to assume the cost and provide the legal representation to fight frivolous suits brought against them.

Keller City Council will first meet on Tuesday, March 3, allowing for public comment (that I encourage everyone to participate in) and will then retire to executive session to discuss legalities with the city lawyer.

I am asking two things of you:

  1. Please make plans to attend.
  2. Please contact the mayor and other city council members in Keller, and politely encourage them to support this measure. Protecting human life is paramount and the most moral and just position to represent.


Mayor and Keller City Council members:

Mayor Pat McGrail

Council Member, Place 1
Mitchell Holmes

Council Member, Mayor Pro Tem
Sean Hicks

Council Member, Place 3
Sheri Almond

Council Member, Place 4
Beckie Paquin

Council Member, Place 5
Chris Whatley

Council Member, Place 6
Tag Green

To contact all Keller City Council members, email: mayorandcouncil@cityofkeller.com.

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Joel Starnes

Joel Starnes is the executive director and founder of the Organization for American Values and a co-owner of Campaign Engineering Strategies.