AUSTIN — As Texans across the state go to the polls to decide which ideology should be elected to power in their cities, state, and nation, far-leftists in Austin have smeared their views on the walls of the city’s expensive public library.

The sunrise on Monday revealed bright red paint smattered on the doors and ground of the Austin Public Library’s central location downtown, with communist propaganda spray-painted on the thick limestone exterior. The library is currently also a county voting location.

“DON’T VOTE! FIGHT FOR REVOLUTION!” one message read, with an image of a hammer and sickle stained onto one of the doors.

By morning, city officials had covered the other messages defacing the building, but another hammer and sickle and other leftist phrases were still partially visible.

“ELECTIONS NO! REVOLUTION YES!” the message appears to say. The phrase is a common refrain of local communist and militant Marxist groups, having been posted and spray-painted before in other parts of the city.

The vandalism comes after socialist groups similarly tarnished city hall back in May, throwing red paint on the doors and writing leftist cries on the walls.


Ironically, Austin’s local officials—which include self-proclaimed socialist City Councilman Greg Casar—have already long been enacting leftist ideology on citizens, with harmful results.

The all-Democrat Austin City Council, for example, recently defunded the local police department by one-third ($150 million), allowed homeless individuals to camp in nearly all public spaces across the city (which caused a wildfire of safety risk and public backlash), and is now taking over 100 percent more cash from the median homeowner than just 12 years ago (the median property tax bill in 2008 was $705, but it was over $1,400 last year).

Forty-two percent of area families are struggling to pay their soaring bills, according to a report by the United Way, and the city council’s suffocating taxes and regulations have been instrumental in forcing a slew of downtown local businesses to close.

As far as the recent vandalism, several citizens remarked that it served as a stark reminder, especially during election season, of how leftist ideologies wreak chaos on citizens.

“This city is on a pretty fast decline. Crime is on the increase, more homeless pouring in every day, trash and garbage on the streets, and more graffiti everywhere. No words…unbelievably sad,” one citizen commented on a Facebook post about the vandalism.

“Encouraging violence, destruction and defunding police help create a climate for vandalism,” another commented.

“Just [a] reflection of WHAT THE AUSTIN CITY COUNCIL HAS DONE TO THE PEOPLE OF AUSTIN!” one individual wrote.

“This would absolutely influence how I vote if I wasn’t already secure in my beliefs,” one citizen added. “I would vote opposite [of] what they want just because I am tired of their trash.”

Jacob Asmussen

Jacob Asmussen is a Senior Journalist for Texas Scorecard. He attended the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and in 2017 earned a double major in public relations and piano performance.