A Trump supporter was assaulted by a Dallas County election judge on Sunday, prompting the Republican Party of Texas to step in.

On Sunday, Lora, an Egyptian immigrant, drove past the South Garland Branch Library voting location in Dallas County and did not notice any signs supporting President Donald Trump. In order to protect the victim’s privacy and safety, Texas Scorecard is not using her full name.

She grabbed her Trump flag and joined others who were promoting Republican candidates. Lora said she wasn’t with a campaign but wanted to show her support for the president.

After about two minutes, she recognized someone and walked across to another curb.

“Be mindful of this blue cone,” cautioned Tami Brown-Rodriguez, who had been chatting with Lora when she first arrived. The cones showed the area where electioneering was prohibited, per Texas election law.

Lora said she kept away from the coned-off area and approached a group of citizens who were expressing their support for another Republican candidate.

As Lora made her way to the other curb, she noticed that “someone was screaming.”

“I had no clue what they were saying because they were screaming, so I kept going,” Lora recalled. The screaming became louder as she approached the other curb, and she turned around to find someone screaming at her.

Lora said “his mask was down to his chin” and she had “no clue” what the person was saying.

“Immediately when I turned around, with his two hands, he pushed me,” she said.

“I heard screaming,” Brown-Rodriguez told Texas Scorecard. “I saw this person push her on the top of her torso, on her chest.”

Brown-Rodriguez identified the person pushing Lora as Pamela Curry, a Dallas County election judge.

Brown-Rodriguez heard Curry say, “I’m just tired of you people cheating,” and then allege that a Republican state House campaign had been cheating during early voting.

She also recalled Curry saying, “I’m an election judge, and you need to listen to what I tell you.”

“I couldn’t believe that I witnessed this man pushing her twice and yelling at us,” she continued.

The Dallas Sheriff’s Office came and investigated the matter.

The Republican Party of Texas has since gotten involved.

“I just voted there earlier in the week, on Wednesday, and I don’t want to see that happen to anyone,” West told Texas Scorecard. “And that’s why when it was brought to me, my responsibility is to elevate that and to make sure that we get it in the hands of the right individuals. So, we got in contact with our legal representation, and they are making a formal complaint.”

Dallas County Elections did not respond to a press inquiry from Texas Scorecard on this incident before publication time.

Lora said she was shocked by the experience.

“We don’t live in Egypt because [we want] the First Amendment, the right to vote, and freedom,” she said. “When I get assaulted by a person—because maybe he thinks I have the wrong flag to carry—that’s wrong.”

This is not the first incident involving Dallas County Elections and citizens supporting Republican candidates during this early voting season. Two Republican poll workers were recently fired and made to leave a voting location for not wearing masks.

For concerned Republican voters who encounter similar issues, West has a call to action.

“We do have a hotline that we have put out there for people to call so that we can get these matters resolved,” he said. “And that’s what I want voters to know: If you see something, say something, and we will make sure that it gets resolved or rectified.”

The Texas GOP hotline is 855-433-1663.

Election integrity organization Direct Action Texas also has a hotline that citizens may call if they encounter or witness any election issues: 877-267-VOTE.

Robert Montoya

Born in Houston, Robert Montoya is an investigative reporter for Texas Scorecard. He believes transparency is the obligation of government.