You know, I had a lot of respect for Debra Medina. She really ran an impressive grassroots campaign for Governor, but then she goes and does something ridiculous and I can’t keep my mouth shut.

Earlier this week the Republican Party of Texas denied Mrs. Medina’s organization, We Texans, exhibit space for the 2010 state convention. Upon receiving the news, Mrs. Medina sent a letter requesting that the RPT reconsider their decision claiming that the party is “cutting its nose to spite its face”.

Yes, the party is in debt; however, Mrs. Medina sued the party after the last convention and still has not conceded a gubernatorial race that she lost months ago. It seems to me that she only wants to play nice with the RPT if we play by HER rules.

This is ridiculous because no organization in their right mind would allow exhibit space to someone who sued them at the last convention. In addition, Mrs. Medina was given a chance to meet with the Rules Committee and they upheld the RPT’s policy of not allowing organizations that have sued the party a booth at the convention.

I understand that the Republican Party is not perfect and as Mrs. Medina has pointed out, our party is mired in debt. Fortunately things are beginning to turn around, in October 2009 the State Republican Executive Committee elected Cathie Adams, a staunch conservative who has been involved in grassroots activism for nearly 30 years, to be the new state chairman. Mrs. Adams had previously been President of the Texas Eagle Forum for 17 years.

In just a few months as chairman, Mrs. Adams has lowered the party’s debt by at least $68,000. For some reason though, many people have already tried to place blame for the party’s debt on Mrs. Adams and throw her under the bus before she even really gets started. If she can lower our debt by that much in a few months then I am sure that with a full 2-year term as chairman Mrs. Adams will get our party’s fiscal house in order as it well should be. Cathie Adams is the type of state chairman that Debra Medina and her supporters should be trying to work with, she is a grassroots conservative who has worked tirelessly to fix our fiscal mess.

While Debra Medina is definitely a passionate conservative, I think that by attacking the Republican Party of Texas for denying her an exhibit space, SHE is “cutting her nose”. I believe that if she continues to fight this battle she will only ruin her own credibility as there is nothing illogical in the RPT upholding its own rules.


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