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School Choice: Your Money, Your Decision

School Choice: Your Money, Your Decision

Since the 2012 Republican National Convention I have heard quite a bit of talk regarding “school choice;” from Governor Jeb Bush’s speech down to analysis of Michael Williams’ appointed as Commissioner of the Texas Education Agency.  However, it seems like there are...

The Rising Cost of Higher Education

School is just around the corner and for nearly every student returning to a public university in Texas something will be noticeably different - their costs have increased!  But wait, I thought the point of public universities was to provide Texans with a quality...

Bexar County Democrats’ Turmoil

Get the popcorn! It has been nearly a month since it was revealed that bigots exist, and yes, in the Democratic Party. What an embarrassment!

And Now Its On To Redistricting

Over the weekend, the Texas House finally got to passing our state’s budget for the next two years with less than half of the legislative session left. Of course the House budget is balanced, and will now go to the Senate where more revenues will probably be added to the House’s proposal.

Texas Conservatives Fight For Education

When I was in high school, I quickly realized there were a lot of inefficiencies in my local school district, but it wasn’t until I started looking into conservative projects such as Protect the Classroom and the Red Apple Project that I realized how much of a structural problem there really is.

Legislative Preview, 82nd Session

Friday, March 11, was the last time for members to file bills for the 82nd Legislative Session in Texas. During the last three legislative sessions, bills filed have ballooned from 5,400 to 7,400. However, in this session, the number of bills filed leveled back to approximately 5,600. What exactly does this mean?

Cutting Administrative Costs Could Improve Texas Education

Too often people complain about the quality of education in Texas, but rarely do they look at ways in which we can restructure and improve our educational system. A step in the right direction would be to return our focus to educating students which means more emphasis on teachers and cutting administrative costs. Aside from refocusing employment policies, I believe Texas school districts could undergo a fundamental restructuring, saving taxpayers more money and focusing more attention on the education of students.

HB304 Targets Vote Harvesting in Texas

On Tuesday, March 1, the House Select Committee on Voter Identification and Voter Fraud will begin hearing testimony on the Voter ID bill that passed the Texas Senate two weeks ago. While this is definitely a good start at combating those who wish to skew the will of voters, I believe there is more that could be done during this legislative session. During this session, as in previous sessions, Voter ID has been the main focus for combating fraud, but there is another problem plaguing Texas – vote harvesting.

Liberals Flip Out Over Wisconsin Budget

Once again liberal hypocrisy is on full display and in such a beautiful way in Wisconsin. Due to a multi-billion dollar budget deficit, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has decided to take on the unions who are burdening his states budget by temporarily cutting pay and limiting the practice of collective bargaining.

SB600: Typical Liberal Fear Mongering

On Friday, February 11, freshman State Senator Jose Rodriguez (D – El Paso) filed SB600 which is basically the antithesis of Arizona’s SB1070 and then some.