Even though all-ages drag shows continue to run rampant through Texas, pro-family grassroots are accumulating victories as venues hosting all-ages drag shows are being forced to change events to 18-plus—and in some cases, shut down the events entirely.

Grassroots activists recently scored another victory, with a Dallas bar canceling its event.

“This was the perfect operation,” said Chris Hopper, president of the Texas Family Project, in an interview with Texas Scorecard. “Apply pressure from a grassroots base to get the event age-restricted, then more pressure to close the event entirely.”

Earlier this month, the Texas Family Project alerted activists to a drag event hosted by the bar On Rotation in Dallas that was advertised as open to everyone, including children.

On Rotation’s event flier did not have an age specification, which sparked speculation about whether their event was open to all ages.

Sara Gonzales of TFP’s Defend Our Kids Texas began investigating the event.

Upon learning the event was open to attendees of all ages, many parents began calling and leaving Yelp reviews, requesting the event’s age requirement be changed to 18 and up.

“On Rotation was attempting to host an all-ages drag show, and don’t let them tell you otherwise,” explained Hopper. “We called on multiple occasions, and it was confirmed that parents could bring kids. Simply saying, ‘We didn’t advertise all-ages welcome,’ and ‘allowing all ages’ is the same pig, but with lipstick.”

After heavy pressure from grassroots, On Rotation seemed to have caved, altering the event’s description to say, “We ask that guests be 18+ and strongly encourage all attendees to be 21+…”

However, grassroots saw through the phrasing: “They ‘ask’ and ‘encourage’… that’s not ‘require,’” tweeted one Texan.  “That doesn’t sound like much of a restriction to me,” wrote another.

Concerns continued to be raised on social media and elsewhere, asking that a more firm age restriction be set for the event.

“Texans have had enough. We are absolutely done turning a blind eye while perverts in provocative lingerie dance and flirt with young kids. We will be damned if we sit by idle while the culture war continues to rage and all we do is hold up signs in protest,” said Hopper, after applauding the grassroots’ continual efforts with On Rotation.

Just before the day the drag event was set to take place, On Rotation canceled the event entirely.

The bar claimed the cancellation was for the safety and security of the performers and staff, and they described the pressure from pro-family activists as “bullying” and “harassment.”

On Rotation has made no other mention of this event or plans for similar events.

“This is the perfect example of an activated grassroots base,” Hopper said. “No longer will we allow a tiny faction of our society to have their way with children. No longer will we tolerate the vulgar trash that is spit out of the pipeline of a woke culture. Rather, we will take the fight to the source of the filth and go to war.”

Legislation has been filed in the Texas Senate to put an end to drag shows for children. Senate Bill 12 by State Sen. Bryan Hughes (R–Mineral) is scheduled for a public hearing on March 23.

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.