A new open records request revealed that the Dallas Independent School District sought the advice of a sexual identities clinic on how to help gender-confused students “transition.” 

The Dallas Express recently obtained internal communications between Dallas ISD’s coordinator of support services for LGBTQ youth, Mahoganie Gaston, and the transgender education and advocacy associate for the Resource Center, Leslie McMurray. 

The Resource Center is a Dallas-based LGBT clinic that offers cross-sex hormones and reference letters for gender-mutilative surgeries. 

McMurray, a biological man who calls himself a woman, began the email chain in 2020 with a message about a teacher at E.D. Walker Middle School who had asked the Resource Center to help out with the school’s Genders and Sexualities Alliance Club—an organization on school campuses that promotes LGBT issues. 

Gaston then asked McMurray for information on gender-mutilative procedures that she could distribute to students at Dallas schools. 

“Do you have any literature that you can provide about youth transitioning?” Gaston emailed. “A campus just called and wants to provide education materials to staff.”

McMurray responded by attaching a document from “the HRC” and offering to answer any questions but recommended speaking to someone who has “transitioned.”

The document was not provided to The Dallas Express, however, it is speculated that the document was from the Human Rights Campaign, a left-wing activist group that supports cross-sex hormones for children. 

Gaston responded, saying, “Thanks. I have this one as well and want to start implementing the Gender Support Plans on campuses.”

There were no further details on the “Gender Support Plans,” however, the HRC has a “Gendered Support Checklist for Transgender and Non-Binary Students” published on its website under its project “Welcoming Schools.” The project is meant to provide elementary school teachers with training and resources to help support gender-confused students and create “LGBTQ+ and gender-inclusive schools.”

Earlier this year, it was reported that Dallas ISD published a resource guide advising children on how to change genders. The document recommended various “transgender” clinics; gave resources on how to socially, legally, and medically transition; and listed books for elementary students about gender-confused children. The document was said to be only available to adults who requested it, but it was found to be shared publicly through the social media platform X.

The document has since been locked and is only available through a request. 

Brady Gray, president of Texas Family Project, told Texas Scorecard that parents must take a stand against schools promoting gender ideology.

“The brazenness of the transgender mob has never been more prevalent. These people do not care about the destruction they are causing in the lives of children across Texas, only an advancement of their evil and perverse agenda,” said Gray. “The idea that our Texas schools are in any way involved is an abomination. We must stand against this as a state and pass legislation that bans this from our schools and libraries.” 

Texas Scorecard reached out to Dallas ISD for comment on the emails but did not receive a response by publication. 

Emily Medeiros

Emily graduated from the University of Oklahoma majoring in Journalism. She is excited to use her research and writing skills to report on important issues around Texas.