I’ve mentioned often how Dan Branch, now running as a conservative’s conservative, has never been such and is well known in Austin as a non-conservative member of the House. I want to take a moment to remind you that such a characterization of Branch is not simply my opinion but a widely held view.

image: Dan Branch

Dan Branch

In this primary election season,  in which Branch is making himself out to be Mr. Super Conservative, the San Antonio Express-News complained that Branch has “morphed in the past few months from a seemingly moderate Republican into a tea party firebrand, creating a perceived disconnect between his record and campaign rhetoric.”

The headline of that story from the Austin bureau of the Express-News and Houston Chronicle was headlined even more to the point: Moderate Republican Branch moves further right. Folks they weren’t talking about him becoming conservative with his votes in the last legislative session, but rather with his rhetoric in this primary election in which he wants you to make him our attorney general.

How about super-liberal Paul Burka at Texas Monthly writing “I take a dim view of Dan Branch’s campaign for attorney general. A former member of our Best legislators list, Branch is in the process of ruining himself by running away from who he really is, which is a mainstream Republican.” And remember to liberal Burka “mainstream” most certainly does not mean conservative. Burka ended his piece with “Branch… is looking for camouflage.”

Dan Branch is not a conservative and has always been a celebrated non-conservative in Austin. Don’t be fooled by his big-Dallas-money funded ads telling you different.