The American People are witnesses to the slow suicide of our government through political posturing, lack of imagination and small-minded decision making.

While the two political parties jockey with each other in the media, and trade insults and false promises, the great Truth looms ever larger…that our economy is destined to take a body-blow. The two plans that seem most acceptable to the Party Overlords are eerily similar, and only cut our national spending in the realm of 1-2 trillion dollars. The rating services that bestow the sacred triple-A rating have stated that more than 4 trillion dollars in cuts are required to maintain our current status. Obviously, timid leadership is to blame, because the People see the answer with crystal clarity…CUT SPENDING! It really is that simple, if those in office could just disregard the arbitrary and illusory “debt ceiling” limit.

The Government should look at slashing the fat from government, from the EPA, from the Departments of Education and of Energy, begin offering foreign aid only to our proven allies, drop the utopian drilling moratorium to provide tens of thousands of productive jobs while weaning this land from the addiction to foreign oil and suffering at the whim of hostile autocracies. Additionally, our representatives should cut taxes across the board to TRULY stimulate the economy, and unleash the ingenuity, the creativity and the majesty of the Individual to remake and elevate this land.

The voices that I have heard are of many differing opinions concerning the debt ceiling, but this is a mere distraction, a financial red herring, because rampant spending is the issue, the buying of votes, the widespread corruption, the economic social engineering designed to raise the State to almost Imperial levels of authority.

The People see these problems and we must also see the answer, because at the days end, the People themselves are going to BE the answer.

James Ives is the President of the Greater Fort Bend County Tea Party


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